Dermavive Intensive Body Hydrating oil Review

Coffeetalks/ September 14, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

Dermavive Intensive Body Hydrating oil is that one thing you need for Severe/Extreme dry skin condition. Made out of Avena Sativa Seed powder and most of all is free from Paraben, fragrance and Lanolin. What is dry skin condition? Dryskin can a temporary/medical condition, which is caused by infections or even a simple climatic condition. It can occur to even

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Umadevi Bharathidasan/ September 12, 2018/ Fashion|Makeup|Beauty, Makeup and beauty/ 0 comments

Wet and Wild Liquid Lipstick is the best nude lipstick for Indian skin tone. It is one of the best budget lipsticks for daily wear too. Here is the detailed review of the Wet and Wild Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Give me Mocca’ Review of Wet and Wild Liquid Lipstick Overall, it is the best liquid lipstick for its

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House of Pandora subscription box Review

Umadevi Bharathidasan/ July 20, 2018/ Fashion Trends, subscription box/ 0 comments

House of Pandora subscription box is from a Instagram  based jewelry store , who are also providing subscription box from the price range of 99/- to 1499/- . The jewelry are mostly ethnic and very wearable to. After much consideration, I bought  499/- House of Pandora subscription box. The total worth of the box is around 1500/- whereas we get

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What is Anti Ageing

Umadevi Bharathidasan/ July 16, 2018/ Lifestyle, Makeup and beauty/ 0 comments

Anti ageing is one of that key topics today. Not many of us have a clear notion on that. Addressing to that point , Lets take the discussion further down about Aging and Anti ageing. Everyone ages, but through age the process of recovering reduces and thus our skin looses moisture, that tend to form wrinkles and black spots so

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Secret behind clear skin a.k.a Glass skin – Snail mucin serum benefits

Umadevi Bharathidasan/ July 13, 2018/ Makeup and beauty/ 2 comments

Well the secret can be quite surprising, they apply extracts from Snail mucin. Yes you read it right! It is an intergal part of KOREAN SKINCARE. glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial for the skin. Snail mucin has even been registered and recognized as an official

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Umadevi Bharathidasan/ June 29, 2018/ Fashion|Makeup|Beauty, Makeup and beauty/ 0 comments

Nykaa Skingenious Foundation is so far the best foundation in India have ever experienced. It has the unique Polylift technology and also the abundance of hyaluronic acid. Nykaa Skingenious foundation comes in 5 shades  like pure ivory, warm sand, almond beige,true tan and golden beige specially suited for Indian Skin tone. Claims “Sculpting and hydrating foundation with hyaluronic acid and

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Daily wear lipstick for Indian skin tone | LAKME ENRICH CRAYON Review

Umadevi Bharathidasan/ June 11, 2018/ Fashion|Makeup|Beauty, Makeup and beauty/ 0 comments

Daily wear lipsticks should be light, long lasting and most of all within budget range. Lakme Enrich Crayon is a must have across all vanity and every skin tone. It has colors suited for Indian skin tone and in budget. That is why Coffeetabletalks is recommending the Lakme Enrich Crayon Range has one of the best daily wear lipstick. Features

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How to make homes smell better – essential oil blend and diffusers

Umadevi Bharathidasan/ June 8, 2018/ Lifestyle/ 0 comments

We all love fresh smelling home, somehow due to the weather or closed windows homes tend to smell mushier. That is when diffusers come in handy. There are various kind of diffusers from the traditional tea light to the air purifying one. All does the same job with various efficiency. Why use a Diffuser   Home, office etc not only

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Natural Skincare routine | DIY Coffee scrub and Rose water toner

Coffeetalks/ March 13, 2018/ Makeup and beauty/ 0 comments

Natural Skincare routine is very easy and effective too. Also get to know about Diy Rose water and Coffee scrub for exfoliation. Just washing your face will do no good, you need to remove the dead skins, tighten the pores and moisturise well for a healthy looking and glowing skin. Any skincare begins with a Cleansing, scrubbing, Toning and Moisturizing. Also

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