Effective Skin routine for acne prone skin

Acne is a very common skin condition. It is very essential to take proper care of acne in order to prevent it from further aggravating. And the easiest way to cure Acne, is to follow a proper skin routine.

Just as the usual skincare routine which is composed of face wash, toner, moisturizers, acne prone skin needs to follow the same.

We need to take care of the kind of ingredients and also keep our skin type in mind while using these.

I hope this solves your Acne Issue, do read my Acne Story, I was also there at some point in my life.

Skincare Routine for Acne Prone/ Oily Skin

Face wash:

In general, face wash with Neem, turmeric, tea tree, salicylic acid etc are effective for acne prone skin.

Still these face wash can drastically dry the skin out and in turn it can make our skin to produce more sebum, which in turn can make our skin more prone to pimples.

“So always don’t over wash your face and strip off the natural oils “

You can buy these perfectly  face wash which works on Acne prone skin here

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Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash


Toner is often a very important step which is always taken for granted.
It exfoliates the dead skin, dirt and even particles from face wash which can clog pores and cause more acne.

“Toner maintains the pH level of the skin; it can remove excess oil which is the cause of acne”

Best Toner

Biotique Bio Cucumber Toner

Klair’s Supple Preparation toner 

Not sure about toner, check this “Toner Basic Video” – Tamil


As always the thumb rule should be to use products which don’t clog pores. The simple way is to use a gel based/light weight moisturizer rather than cream based ones.

Acne will cause scars, so the best way to remove/fade these scars is use Vitamin E oil which is specifically ideal for face/skin application.

Preferably using this in night can reduce the scar. In case you find the oil too heavy for your skin, you can apply them for around few hours.

Best Moisturizer/Serums for Acne prone Skin

Neutrogena Light Weight Moisturizer 
Face Shop Lotus Gel 
Biotique Dandelion Serum 
Olay 7-in-one Moisturizer/Serum 


  1. Avoid facial and face pack this will increase your acne.
  2. Always remove makeup or go to bed with a clean face.
  3. In case you are prone to get acne in your forehead/shoulder it is mainly due to dandruff, so be sure to treat it well. Change your bedspread, pillow case often.
  4.  Don’t share towel, makeup brush or any combs with anyone.
  5. In case you are prone to get hormonal acnes, these pop during your periods. This is related to anybody conditions like PCOD or Thyroid. Treating the root cause can solve your problem.
  6. Women those who are pregnant/breastfeeding also get acnes, please be mindful while using any drug/cream since it can be very dangerous to the baby. Always consult your doctor.
  7. Avoid makeup.
  8. One should always remember that your skin is the reflection of what you eat.
  9. Caffeine and sweets is the biggest culprit, try cutting it down.
  10. Also some people get breakouts when they eat/drink milk products. Try reducing them or use skimmed milk products.


Biggest tip of all:

Make sure your phone screen is clean; it can contain millions of bacteria.

Also prolonged hours of phone usage will result it popping up of zits in your cheek area. Using a headphone can be a counter measure to it.

Isn’t this quite obvious, those who read my ‘Surprising Skincare mistakes’ will totally agree with this.

A quick remedy for that so dangerous zit/acne/pimple:

Apply tea tree essential oil over it. The acne will dry within 24 hours. Please do keep in mind to patch test your skin for any allergy if you are using for the first time. Also all should be mixed with carrier oil.

And some might wonder how my skin cleared up, I do still have small hormonal breakouts, yet I follow the 10-Step Korean Skincare to take care of them, and you know what it works !! By just following and being consistent and mindful about the skincare routine, one can clear acne with ease.

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Workable Skin care Routine for Acne Skin


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