CoffeeTable Talks is a lifestyle blog. We simply love food, fashion,travel and beauty.

You would love to get connected with Coffeetabletalks as we bring out our ‘first personal’ experience.

We like our content to be simple, budget friendly and reachable to all. We do indulge in luxury at times.

CoffeeTableTalks is an updated version of CoffeeTable. Previously it was under the name umaabharath.wordpress.com.


Who is behind CoffeeTableTalks?

Umadevi, a lifestyle blogger living in Mumbai, India. She loves experimenting on lots of things, quite passionate over event planning and writing.

Of the 1001 souls who realised Engineering is not my cup of tea. Of the lakhs of souls who writes tons of software codes, wowed by the hefty salary and the unreal onsite dreams; Umadevi was one.

Until a few years back, things changed and she took a bold step against many advice, to quit her job and began to do something she loved. That is sharing information, knowledge she has over Fashion, makeup,food and travel.

Umadevi is a go-getter who keeps exploring new stuff of out her interesting domain. She will enlighten you with all the topics she knows or be quite interested in knowing all that you know.

Some people call her “Know-it-all”.

Personally, she is married and living with her Husband and her baby girl in Mumbai, India.

Hailing from Madurai, TamilNadu. She is a typical “Madrasi” or rather like to be identified as a “Maduraikari ” [that is a proud tone]

Here Entrepreneurial passion is makes here do a lot of stuff. She is not afraid to try out new things, which she believes she is good at.

She a lot of times made people wonder “why she is doing all these stuff”.

Belonging to a place where blogging is yet to be recognised as a professional job, she struggles or rather faces challenge each day with her own sense of humour and a killer smile.

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  5. CoffeeTableTalks has taken numerous seminar and workshops for school children on “Easy English Speaking” and we do a lot of Motivational and personality grooming workshop/ 

  6. A fellow blogger  can write a guest post .I will also be willing to do a guest blog.

  7. We are open to content writers, any interested folks can contact us.

  8. Coffee Table is PR/MEDIA friendly.

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