Why did I quit my 9-5 job ?

Why did I quit my 9-5 job which paid me so well and gave me the “Social Status” of a Corporate Person who would have also had all the chance of getting an International Visa and all expense paid-travel to well sorted countries all around the world ,earn in dollars, clear all my debts,get me a two bedroom apartment,a car ,a seat for my kid in an International school ! 

That is the summary of all the questions people ask me when they come to know that, I had quit my job at Infosys Ltd, India’s biggest Software Company. With all respect I love Infosys ,it is the first and last company I had worked. I truly admire them and they had motivated and inspired me in all ways.

Here are few silly reason people think why I left my job

  • My husband  didn’t want me to work.
    My husband is my ONLY source of strength and he indeed wants me to work(not a job,there is a great difference).He is my complete source of encouragement and support.
  • I had got a bad appraisal and got chucked out of the Company.
    In Fact, I got a great appraisal and was getting 51,000/- per month on paper(before tax deduction,it was the time when the company decided on raise of pay and was performing well).
  • I am unwell /pregnant/didn’t have noone to take care of my kid
    No, I would never have given that reason to quit my job.
  • I am rich and is in no need of money because her father is rich ! Her husband earns well !
    No ,I am not. I also have debts, I need money as anyone needs.
  • I am doing a course.
    Once upon a time, I was a person who believe only institutions could teach us things, but now I stopped believing in certificate.

So what the hell I am doing with the degree of Engineering and five years of experience I have got. Well I am an Entrepreneur. I have my own company a.k.a startup for which I am the ONE and ONLY full time employee. I am the office girl,the receptionist,the CEO. Suresh(my husband) is a part-time employee who does most of the photoshoot for the blog,finds interesting places,introduces me to events around the place,my guide to the city and a driver. My friends are my marketing executives(as of now we have them at Muscat,Chennai,United States).

What I do as an Entrepreneur ?

  • I am the Author and Editor-in-Chief of COFFEE TABLE(yes, I am taking this blog seriously)
  • Content Writing/ blogging.
  • Publishing content for Coffee Table or other website.
  • Social Media Marketing and Managing.
  • Interview people and feature them in Coffee Table.

What about the Workshops I conduct?

Workshop is about behavioural and motivational topics like

  • Speaking up , Avoiding Stage fear, Following dreams.
  • English speaking is not as difficult as you think.
  • Personal grooming .
  • My workshops are for everyone which primarily focuses on young adults.

Though I charge for these(because anything free is not valued these days), I do it out of pure passion. This is something I truly enjoy.Still I am planning on Free-Workshops in Rural areas.

Am I getting enough money ?

As of now, NO ! but I believe I will get more than enough because I sincerely believe when you do something you love, you will be happy and money will follow.Only those who had experienced can relate

Yes I work from Home ?

Working from Home is a luxury, many people won’t realise.

I hate being called as a Freelancer.

I am not a freelancer, I don’t do this in my free time. I do it full time only thing is I am the Employee and I am the Boss.

How to handle Negative comments,criticism and sarcasm?

People sometimes sarcastically say “She is just a Housewife”. One thing is either you don’t understand what working from home is and the next thing is you don’t know how much the so called ‘housewife’ does.

People who knew me in the past, on how a rebel who always insisted a Women should work,would now sarcastically say “so where are you working now”. Well I am doing much more than work, I am establishing.

This phase clearly let me know who did actually care and how people get really happy(in a wrong way) when I say I am not earning as much as I used to do. There are and were insults,sarcasm from other members of family too. I would simply think

” If money measures my success then I am a failure for NOW, if contentment and happiness measures success I am a billionaire ALREADY,you know only that much ! “

Advice on people thinking about Entrepreneurship

Don’t wait for the certificate or degree to start something you truly believe in. There will be a burning desire to do something, don’t let the fire die,do something even small,never expect people to appreciate you or encourage you.Just follow your dream.

It is okay to be adamant and arrogant to those who try to break your dreams. Remember it is their opinion(even though it might be their concern,it is their disability not yours). Never stop learning.

Why did I quit my 9-5 job

The answer to that important question, is I always wanted to do something I loved,something I believed. I resigned my job after marriage because I choose to move with my Husband in Mumbai and Infosys doesn’t have branch there,so I had to quit .

During that period of searching a job and attending interviews I realised, I had so many ideas and creativity flowing and also came to know working full time at a company would shut it all down.

The amount of money I will make at a regular work would drive me in a different direction,the regular conventional direction.If not now, I can never will .I might have the opportunity,but I didn’t trust myself because I knew myself well,I would have compromised,could have adjusted then but I didn’t want to do injustice to me dreams that burning desire made me choose over this risk(as many would coin it) which I would never regret.

After careful thought and discussion we(suresh and myself) decided on going this way.

Do you need to quit your job to pursue your dream ?

Not necessary, it is a choice and situation and how much you believe you could manage with incomes from the startup.

Yes sometimes I do feel particularly at the end of month that I don’t have much money to get a fancy phone or a outfit or a lipstick which I love, Ultimately it was my choice to quit,and not to lookout for a 9-5 job so I take it light and note down my craving in my Wishlist diary.

This is a longer post than usually. Being my 100th post I felt this one is quite apt. When I say thanks I mean it, because it is that comment,that love people show after reading these posts keeps me going.Thanks a lot and for making this happen.

Please Note: I am not trying to belittle anyone,I understand all that people undergo.This is my opinion and my choice.

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