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Easy to wear styles for a Causal Date

Heading out for a brunch or coffee date? Don’t forget to put your best foot forward.

To make things less complicated, we have compiled some sartorial looks so you can enjoy your café latte and poached eggs in style in your date.

Brunch Dates

Day brunches are a casual affair. You don’t require heavy make up or chunky accessories.

Play it easy and comfortable with a striped t-shirt dress and a bucket handbag, sunnies and a pair of sneakers.

Wear a non sticky sunscreen. Let your hair down, scrunc

hed with your go to hair serum to complete the look.

Casual Date dress idea

Shop look here : Casual Date dress  Shop white Sneakers and White bucketbag Courtesy –



Style Two:

On days you are feeling more dressy, you don’t have to settle in for a simple t dress or denims either.

You can opt for cotton or mal dresses, there are some fab options available in floral motifs and varying shades.

To complete the look opt for interesting flats or strapped stilettos (why restrict heels for evening wear only) that will complement your ensemble.

Instead of a chunky bag opt for easy slings and some waterproof make up.

Floral dress for day date

Floral dress for day date- Courtesy –

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Coffee Dates

For coffee dates, shirt dresses are cool, classy and comfortable.

If you are in a serious rush and would rather spend your date having fun with little hassle then definitely opt for these.

They are available easily in versatile cuts and do not need heavy styling either.

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Pair them with comfortable bags, opt for gladiator flats and hat if you feel like taking a mini stroll in the sun on your way to the cafeteria.

Trust us with this look you can barely go wrong!

Casual dress for a date

Casual dress for a date-Courtesy-


The day picnics whether at the beach or your favourite park would require you to dress appropriately to make the most out of it.

If you are just going to relax with your crane basket with absolutely no running around, then trust your self with an English checked dress, a straw hat and water based make-up.

Wear flip flops that can be easily removed and worn, do carry an outdoor mat and unwind completely.

Checkers for that Picnic

Checkers for that Picnic-Image 4 – Courtesy –

Sporty Date:

If your picnics involve a game of volleyball or frisby then dresses may not be the best option.

Opt for a pair of shorts, a singlet and slip ons that can allow you to move around with ease.

Enjoy your fun filled day out and if you are on the beach then do relive your childhood with sand castles.

Hats or scarves will ensure your hair don’t turn dry.

sporty look

sporty look–Courtesy –

Just Friends Date

Denims are hard to detach from and if you love your new ripped pair that fits you perfectly well, why not pair it with a handy white tee and your favourite aviators.

Try the hair updo that will frame your face and trust your summer flats that have now become your long cherished companions for the day meetings.

smart independent woman

smart independent woman-Courtesy –

Summer skirts and crop tops are here to say. If not keen on baring your midriff then wear high waisted skirts and slightly longer crops that do not reveal much.


The skirts can be worn in different prints and styles. Though the A line variations have been en vogue this summer.

Beach date look

Beach date look-Courtesy –

With these easy breezy tips you have plenty of styles to experiment with on your outings. Are you a little more on the so called weight side, check out these incredible styling tips just for you.

Fashion is something we create, always be confident on what you wear; that will trend somehow. Do let us know what you goto date wear will be.

Graphics and Edits by Umadevi,

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