What is Anti Ageing

Anti ageing is one of that key topics today. Not many of us have a clear notion on that. Addressing to that point ,

Lets take the discussion further down about Aging and Anti ageing. Everyone ages, but through age the process of recovering reduces and thus our skin looses moisture, that tend to form wrinkles and black spots so on and so forth.

Not only external products or skin treatment can reverse back these, also a serious dose of anti oxidants are essential. Natural anti oxidants are there in our everyday food , like capsicum, pepper, turmeric etc. also green tea plays a major role in maintaining anti oxidants.


Genetics also plays an important role in ageing. It is not bad to age,it is a process yet we can take that gracefully and ageing can be quite healthy too.

Ageing process starts from your 20’s, yet one can use anti ageing products from 25’s or even from 30’s depending on the need.

It is said , areas around mouth, eyes and fingers don’t have natural oil glands. And that is why age starts showing around that place very easily. That is why it is very important to moisturize these areas religiously.

Using Eye creams and moisturizers for hand and face is very important.

Also it should be noted that skin repairs itself while we sleep, that is why it is very important to use a night cream which caters anti-ageing. It also goes without saying to follow a proper skincare routine before going to bed.

Incorporating Vitamin E in food and skin is very important.Very important step of all is using a sunscreen. Sun damage is irreversible and can make your skin look way too old than it is already.

Choose products with collagen and vitamin E because these are very important ingredient in ageing process.

Ageing gracefully should be our goal. We all should incorporate healthy lifestyle and choose products which are safe.


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