What Happens When you Sleep?

What happens when you sleep

Every night, most of us snuggle into bed, rest our heads on our pillows, and drift off to a relaxing sleep after a long day.

If this is you, you’re very lucky! While some of us have no problems with getting some zzz’s, there are so many people who struggle to sleep in a healthy way.

A Consumer Report study says that 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week.

That’s about 164 million people who aren’t getting proper rest, and in turn causing health problems over the years.

One way to make sure we all get a good snooze at night is to educate ourselves on what really goes on in our sleep and then finding tips that work for each one of us individually.

Healthy Sleep Durations
Healthy Sleep Durations

Here’s a little about the sleep cycle’s stages and how you can make sure you’re getting your zzz’s!

Whether you’re taking a 10-minute nap or you’re winding down for the night, sleeping not only recharges the body, but also the mind!

When you take a quick nap your brain slows down and produces specific brain waves that slow down eye movement.

The longer you sleep the more your brain replenishes itself and eventually you’ll hit REM sleep where your body will repair muscles and move your short term memory to long term for storage.

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Now that we have an idea of what’s happening each night when we recharge, here are a few ways you can make sure you’re getting the sleep you deserve!

Set a bedtime.

So many of us think we can run on 5-6 hours of sleep, but unless you’re a select few, there’s a good chance you need more!

To help make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours, set a bedtime and stick to it.

If you’re a natural night owl, try gradually getting to bed a little earlier each time to reach your goal.

Coziness is Key

Have you ever tried sleeping on the ground? If so, you know that it can be much harder to fall and stay asleep because you’re so uncomfortable.

Making sure you’re cozy and comfy is always a must when trying to get a full night’s rest, so make sure you have your blankets and that your mattress is right for you.

I would highly suggest a foam mattress, if you’re looking to get a full rest with no tossing and turning.

Take a Break from Devices

Even though bedtime is the most tempting time to take out our computers, phones, and tablets to surf the web and check out our social media, try to stay off your devices an hour before you want to be asleep.

The artificial light can actually keep you up longer than you might like, even after you’ve turned it off!

A good tip is to keep them out of your bedroom entirely, if you can!

While these are just a few tips, there are so many more!

Always have a routine, and the most important stick to it. Sleeping issues are common but it can cost a lot.


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