Best all-time favorite weekend movies for bored souls

Coffeetabletalks loves weekend. On one such weekend we have got the list of unforgettable and all time favorite in this weekend movies list.

Weekend, most of the time might have plans, but sometimes weekend means just sitting over the couch and watching few all time favorites.

This article is all about the best weekend movies (of-course, in my perspective) which can be watched which will keep us entertained and relieve us from the thoughts of our workspace.

Accepted (2006)

This is a masterpiece, which portrays the expectation of our education system in this era.

Earlier our education system used to educate us in both professional and spiritual level. Example – Gurukulam.

This movie centers on an everyday guy who flunks high school and becomes ineligible to get into any institution for higher education. Hence he goes on to start on his own fake university in the name of “South Harmon Institute of Technology”.


This university invites many more students who are rejected by other universities. Though this is a comical movie, the climax gives the audience a strong message which shatters our perceived idea of “Education”.

Grown Ups Series

It starts with a wonderful message during the first 10 minutes which goes like “When the life’s buzzer (Death) finally blows, you should not have any regrets”.

This movie series goes on to prove the same all throughout the two part series. This movie is about 5 friends who stay so even after their marriage.

The first part happens when these five friends basketball passes away and wishes for his ashes to be spread on the island closer to their hometown.

The second part continuous on the funny ride where all the five friends come together once again to face off the old and new bullies of their life.

KediBillaKilladiRanga (2013)

This Pandiaraj directed movie was a box office hit. This movies portrays the lives of two simpletons who don’t have any proper job but involve themselves in politics.

The characterization of the lead roles prove how deeply the director has analyzed the expectation of the youth these days, be it the scene where the hero’s expect to make a leap from a supporter to a contestant of counselor elections.

The most likeable feature of the film is the pace of the story. Though one can feel that the movie is just there for laughs without any proper message.

The story develops itself in due course at the end. The movie gets completed with the message about a father’s love.

Home Alone Series

What will happen if a 10 year old boy is left alone in a house which is about to be robbed?

This question has a seven part answer which is a treat for the eyes of the audience.

There is a lot of adventure displayed throughout this series. The bravery of young boys during the time of crises and the methods they take to overcome the robbers. This is ofcourse a hearty laugh series. The best of all time favorites of many.This one never gets bored even if you watch for the 1000th time.

3 Idiots (2009)

Three friends who meet after a long time due to a bet . They recall how their lives had taken a turn due to their friend Rancho (Amir Khan).

This is a movie which portrays the stress caused by the Indian Education System. It proofs not all aspirations require educational qualification.

Wallpaper of the movie 3 Idiots

This movie displays the adverse effect of mugging up in a funny way. This movie inspired director Shankar to remake this movie in tamil starring Vijay, Maddy and Srikanth.

We have tried the best to produce the most of the all time favorites in all the language. Weekend can never be bored with these kind of movie. You love the movies we curated for you, then please do comment down below.

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