Weekend GetAway # 8 Vacation Special travelling to Andaman : PORT BLAIR

Andaman and Nicobar islands is one the best places one should hardly miss in India. Port Blair is the capital and it has many islands neighboring it.

Well planned, clean and pollution free ofcourse tourist friendly area. Last year 2014 we spent a week there in the month of June. Which happened to be a off season and fortunately we had the privilege of getting Five Star rooms for half the price.

Andaman aerial view
Breathe taking view of Andaman

We didn’t miss anything except the crowd and ferries to Havelock was closed(yet we found out an interesting Inter-island Helicopter services run by the government very useful).

It was a rough trip nothing pre planned actually. We just booked the hotel for the day we arrived through online for the first two days. We already knew it was off season so assuming not much booking needed we started and yes we were rewarded.

The first two days we stayed at Peerless Sarovar. Well spaced, beach facing resort had decent rooms for very decent price.

Early morning beach
Early morning beach

It was nothing but roaming around the beach ,eating,sleeping and sightseeing a little.

We had the rented bike ,with advance of 1000 rupees and day payment of 300 rupees. Very useful helped a lot .


Take the flight ,from Chennai or Kolkata. Whatever place you start it is  connected at these two spots.

Real good feast to the eyes, the lovely flora and fauna seen from above.

The airport is cute, little and I loved the runway.

You can also take a cruise if you are not sea sick.


It is mandatory to book for the day you arrive whether it is off season or within season. We chose Sarovar,the beach facing resort.

DSC00988 Beach

Before the day we departed we checked-in Nargis Inn close to airport ,inexpensive(once again due to the off-season,a homely space owned by a well natured man) so that it was walkable and quick than Sarovar has we had an early morning flight.


Hindi,English and Tamil. Bengali is spoken in most of the part.


Port Blair is a small town, rent a bike. They will ask a xerox of your driving license and an advance amount. The Bike is rented on a daily basis  for a decent price.

Somewhere along the coast of PortBlair

Andaman Jail:

The very famous Andaman jail is opened for shows in the evening. One could choose an evening to see.
The shows are in English,Hindi and Tamil. Please check the timings for the language you wish to see.

DSC00957 DSC00958 DSC00953 DSC00951 DSC00952

Beach Walk:

We choose the morning for the beach walk, quite free of crowd. Spent the either morning seeing places around the resort,befriending a dog and simply relaxed.


Water Sports Complex and Main Arena:

Luckily we changed our plans to try some adventure sports in Port Blair rather than Havelock. Because in off season Havelock(another Island ) was empty.

They had Water Bikes, speed boats and told Scuba in another island.


You need to get tickets for the ferry to Ross Island.The ferries operate 3-5 times a day and people are requested to board the ferry they have booked to avoid the crowd.

Ross Island is 10 minutes in the ferry from port blair.

DSC01190 DSC01179 DSC01176 DSC01174 DSC01220

It has the ruins of the British accompanied colony,old church and lots of haunted place. Be prepared to walk,you can spot lots of deer. If lucky you can touch them !

You can understand the planning and enjoy the sea breeze.

It takes almost half a day.In my case we spent the whole day for Ross Island.


The Port Blair Museum has all the information about the tribes and the lifestyles along with the history,geography of the place. You can choose those to while of your time.

andhaman-001 andhaman1-001

Science Museum:

On the way to Sarovar hotel from the airport. We never planned but just visited. They have almost all the experiment we studied in school. Good one if you have school going kids or yet you can brush your old knowledge.


There are lots of parks and viewpoints. Don’t miss the park above the airport. It is the jogger’s park. Once again early morning routine sightseeing. We loved the way we could see the airport and the flight taking off. Really unwinds you.

DSC01050DSC01483 DSC01468

What to Eat:

If you are a fan of Bengali Cuisine you can experiment on those.
Fish Curries are real good, do try.

What to Shop:

You might be tempted by the corals and shells, try to get in an authentic shop along with a receipt or at the airport.
Some of those products are  restricted,check with the airport authority.

Of Course good handicrafts are available.

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