Weekend GetAWay #1 : The Pandavkada Falls – perfect evening walk !

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Here is the first post on the Weekend GetAWay series – The Pandavakada Falls , well known better as the Kharghar Falls .

It is located in the Kharghar near the golf course, you don’t have a naming board or whatsoever to it. Me and my husband found out once when we were lost .

We never planned for the trip, staying in Kharghar we were simply roaming after having lunch and found out a board called Driving Range . Interested we went further and to our astonishment we found so many people in cars and bike.

Got curious and we walked along the trail , which was walkable and looked so green. At the end of the trail we could see the falls(Not much of water).

View from Top The Path

Following the trail of stream we walked a little distance, one can find lots of spot to just sit and hangaround.


Then we walked up a little more and there we saw the beautiful sunset and the well planned city below.

Awesome photography me by ! No Effects Experimenting on Silhouette !

The most lovely part was, once we started there were not much people around but later at some point we saw lots of families, friends and kids splashing and having fun in the stream.

Kids enjoying the stream

Families bring up the picnic baskets and have there food over there. It was lovely.

Kids playing around

Where is it : Kharghar, Navi Mumbai , Maharastra India.

How to Reach : Any Harbour line local train will take you to Kharghar , from there you can take an auto.

Best Time : Evenings, perfect Sunday Evening !

Amazing hill top

Best Time of the Year : I believe the water is from rain, so mostly during monsoon that is July-Sept

What to wear : Planing to walk up the hills then have a sturdy shoe and trek costumes , else its fine I climbed bare foot only.

What to bring : There are no shops there ,atleast be mindful to bring a bottle of water if you are so conscious about drinking it from the stream.

Suitable to : Anybody, Kids simply enjoy it.

Risk Factor : Well the stones are slippery,no proper safety is there of course there are safe spots where you can let your kids play.

Beware of: Leeches,slippery grounds.

Any other: Kharghar is an alcohol free zone, stickly no boozing around.

My Take : I simply loved the trek ,sat around and loved the kids playing. I didn’t trek till the falls because it started to get dark , so next time I will post pictures of the falls in close.

Will I go Again : Absolutely !!

One Punch line : Perfect Sunday Evening !

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