Wedding Bells ! The Bride’s Checklist

This Series is going to be fun ! Being married just last year , I was freely giving advices to my friends and relatives who were about to ring their Wedding Bell.

So, Why not with you ! For a small background check, my wedding was an Traditional South Indian Tamil Wedding with most of the shopping done in Chennai and Madurai.

I will be sharing my flow of events ,which I gathered from my friends,relatives,mom and some rather unknown aunties who overheard me panic.Most of us have 3-6 months time after the date has been fixed,it is more than enough.

One big thumb rule:DON’T take the STRESS.You have your parents ,your friends ,your siblings to take care other things. You need to take care of ONLY YOU.(It is your wedding , be happy, pose well and keep smiling.Later don’t regret after seeing your wedding photos! )

Health/Beauty CheckList:

1.Try to hit the Gym regularly. Not for the weightloss but it really brings out a glow or atleast enroll in an aerobic or Zumba classes.It really helps reducing the stress and creates an positive feel.

2.Check your beauty and facial regime. Never try anything new near your wedding date,risking breakouts if you have been suffering.

3.In most Indian Wedding , the Bride is supposed to have a clean braided hair.Ofcourse we will be using extensions but be careful about your fancy front cuts and bangs. Don’t make them too short and have a trouble pining them up in your wedding.

4.Trim your hair well in advance, and keep the layers behind the ears.

5.Share the colour of the costume and the time of your event(evening or morning) along with your skin type to the makeup artist.

6.Get your makeup artist show previous makeup photos or ask them for a trial makeup.

7.Do a small shopping and have few products of your own, anytime appart from the main function you might be required to wear makeup.

8.Get your Mehndi done and keep it safe !

Wedding Dress Checklist:

1.Most important is to choose a costume well in advance, have it trailled and corrected.

2.Get your Blouse,saree pallu stitched well in advance,if incase it is delayed find a confidence in your tailor and get him make it done even through fortnight.

3.Don’t give all your blouses to one person and make him choke, spilt it wisely among various tailors. I choose four tailors  and to give my fifteen blouse piece.Keep your tailors in good rapport.

4.Be mindful on the design,at the end of the day you don’t want your hair,garland getting caught in the blouse.Choose patchwork,embroidery instead of stones.Decide on the design and pattern you need , if inspired from internet do take a printout and share with your tailor,confirm with him if he could do it, else try someone else or someother design.

5.Take out your party wears, try them, if your need to alter do it, give it for a wash,press them and pack them. Always check what you have before you buy something. You can save a lot of money on that.


Jewellry Checklist:

1.Most of Tamil/South Indian Wedding we wear gold ornaments. Check the condition of them if they are old , get them polished. Find the suitable artificial ornament if necessary.

2.If you are planning to rent those, then choose a place where you can easily return. Because after marriage you will be busy and might leave town it will be the headache of your friend or relatives to return it. If borrowed from a friend’s place them count the jewels and pack them separate as soon as your event is over.


Official Checklist:

1.Plan your leave , inform for lead well in advance. Arrange for a backup and give a proper Knowledge transfer, you don’t want to be disturbed during your wedding.


2.If on a transfer then clearly finish all the procedures or atleast try to.

3.If planning on relocating, then settle your bills and unsubscribe anything under that address. Incase for change of address do it previously.

4.Pack your things, either drop it in your new house or your parents. Best option is to resell those. Gives extra money for spending during marriage shopping.

Makeup Essentials:

Do carry the following items:

1. Conceller
2. Compact Powder
3.Mascara and Eyeliner
4.Bold/Bright Colour lipsticks and Lipgloss


Don’t forget : Safety pins/Saree pins and Hairpins.
Heels Gel and Sweat Proof pad.

On Being Happy:

1.People around you will be stressing you a lot,don’t take the stress.

2.You are the most beautiful person and your wedding is going to be the prefect.A small pimple or an improper mascara is not going to ruin your day.

3.Share and shower love to everyone, it is very difficult often Mother’s and sister’s get the blasting from you, try to avoid it. They are doing only for you.

4.We will often have people who will always be complaining and you will know them, just ignore those rats.

5.Pose well,smile well, live that moment. Most of all keep yourself hydrated.

Happy Wedding !

I do have a checklist for Bridegroom brewing next !

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