Wedding Bells : Bridesmaid Checklist !

Most of us would have been a Bridesmaid in at least on of a wedding ! Interestingly sometimes our sister and our best friends who have always been our support will be there at any given moment. Nothing is there to mention still a checklist will come handy.


You will be the only person who will be throughout the wedding with the Bride. Only a Bride will know how it is to keep smiling. She will be under pressure mostly by the rituals, the dress and ornaments and the makeup running through more than that there is a huge Emotional Turmoil.

1.Be her huge support.
2.Try to encourage and make her smile.
3.You should have been a part from the Groom selection to the shopping and the sending off (I had my dear friends).

Packing and Organising Checklist:

1.Get all the rented jewellry set packed and keep it separate with you after the function, later don’t forget  to give it to the concern person and also let the Bride know you have given it.

2.Before the Wedding Day, make sure your bride sleeps well.

3.Arrange all the required things for the makeup person previously so you can dress freely.

4.Handle the bride’s mobile. Most of the call will reach her mobile, be sure you handle them well if not divert it to the relatives.

5.Incase of your friends it is your responsibility to find a good place to sit and arrange for refreshments and food.

6. Have a bag handy, you will the first person the Bride will ask. The bag can contain
1.Safety pins
3.Makeup items
5.Tissue papers
6.Extra pair of lingerie
7.Night Suits
8.Comfy slippers


Keep the Bride and Groom well hydrated and give them snacks in between, continuous photo clicks and smilings will make them really tired.(Don’t forget, even you need to eat well and stay hydrated)

If you are handling the gifts, make sure you split the sides(just in case)

Easy tip on if the makeup is really good, ask your friend to take a photo, if it looks well(don’t zoom) ,it is good .Most of us have not worn heavy makeup so we might look different so it is to our friends, that doesn’t mean the makeup is bad.

It the Bridesmaid who needs to handle that,sometimes Brides become emotional and hysterical, take time to handle, they will praise you later.

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