Wedding Bells: Bride and BrideGroom’s Checklist !

Sorry Bridegroom, after tremendous thinking of what could be so specific for a Bridegroom I had nothing.

It is just the female version what I had previously shared. When it is going to be Sherwani where the Bride had Sarees. But not to worry I had someone jotted down few checklists you both could do(or rather have to do !) Interesting ! Here you go !

Finding a new home:

Whether it is the groom or bride who is planning to move in. We need a Home. I might be the last person saying what you need when looking for a home,yet this list will be useful.

1.Find a place close to bus/train terminals.Easily accessible by autos.

2.A two bedroom flat would be suitable,you might have lots of visitors during your first year(True !)

3.Checkout the Gas and Electricity frequency in the locality

4.Find a place which has shelves, I had once lived in a house with no shelves it was big headache

5.Get your agreements signed,ask your spouse to sign(cause it will the only address proof in case your spouse is relocating  as of now)

6.Move the huge furnitures if necessary and bring in one of your things so that you needn’t be wasting time and effort of moving in together.

Invitations and Guest List:


1.Both sit down together for mutual friends and also verify if you had missed any of those.

2.Draft the invitation designs , words and get it proofreaded and printed.

3.Before you either post or send through email, it is a highly courteous to make a call and let them know.

4.Once you get your invitations printed post it or circulate it three weeks before your wedding(provided you have already mentioned the date) , people will forget the wedding which is noway nearer.

5.Get the numbers of people attending the function and if any pickups or accommodation is needed make sure it is well arranged.

After Wedding Plans:

1.Take time to discuss what is the plan, on visiting homes.

2.Taking a Honeymoon trip


3.Discuss the leave plans also.

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