VLCC ELIXIR THERAPY : Fat Reduction Therapy for a Better You

No doubt that regular exercise, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can change and heal our body.

However when this fat, metabolic waste and toxins get accumulated over time in our body, it becomes a tough task to recover from these changes. That is when detoxification plays a major role.

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Why You Should Maintain Your Weight.

Fat can be considered a curse as it contributes in generation of almost every diseases and disorders in one way or another in our bodies.

Obesity and overweight can accelerate our ageing process while reducing the efficiency of our vital organs.Thus making us lazy, lethargic where we are constantly nagging dealing our mood swings.

Some of us are not for fortunate and don’t realise it until they already reached 80 on the scale.

In today’s modern era, we hardly consider sleep and physical activity to be an essential part of life.

Even those people, who are active at their gym, are also unhealthy as most of them focus on reducing weight or making abs rather than working towards a healthy body.

Several patients develop anxiety and depression due to their weight gain, where they no longer able to love and look at themselves.

It is totally understandable, how it can be depressing for some younger kids to gain so much weight and deal will bulling and self esteem issues at an early age.

 For such people detoxification therapy along with proper diet and regular workable exercise can bring their smiles and good health.

Detoxification is an essential cleansing process required by our body.

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VLCC Elixir Therapy

Well this therapy involves a well researched combination of modern science and ancient practices, which focus to heal and detoxify your body.

It comprises of massages with Detox powder and oil, a little bit of acupressure which helps in unblocking your energy channels, which eventually accelerates your metabolism and further leads to weight loss.

This is a short period procedure, which involves just 5 steps.

Releases muscular tension, body stimulation and promotes blood circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy:
Boost immune system and regulates blood flow to enhance deep relaxation.

Detox Oil & Powder Rub:
Naturally heals and cleanse the body

Heat Therapy:
Flushes the toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage

Radio Frequency:
Promoting collagen synthesis and fat breakdown

With this 5 in 1 process, you will be able to lose weight while reducing your stress, anxiety, migraines and other health problems.

This Elixir Therapy also promotes blood circulation which can help to reduce the aging process. It is also great for your skin and can help to reduce your cellulites making your skin smooth and clear.

So why not drop a visit to VLCC and have a consultation with the experts and know what is and what not is good for you.

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