Very important health concerns we Women need to check .

Hey lovely people. !

I was planning on a very lively topic being a Friday but I felt responsible to share something really necessary to all. Mostly to Women , guys can also read so that you can help the women in your house and around you.

All the Women needs to check her Hemoglobin(Iron Content) and Thyroid levels regularly. We often check it while planning for a pregnancy or when it becomes totally necessary.

Why is it really necessary?

Have you ever felt really lazy, less motivated or depressed then please get these checked in the local lab. If any abnormalities found do check with doctor and get treated before you end up getting a shock seeing such high values.

Most of the symptoms go unnoticed. We feel sleepy, we might blame the whether or general tiredness. If you feel constipated(which is one of the symptom for Thyroid) we take for granted the lifestyle or food we ate. It is a big no !


It is an important component in blood and its an iron containing component which is used to carry oxygen to our cells. Less Hb is very dangerous. Deficiency causes Anemia,hair loss,tiredness The normal level should be 12-15 gm/dl. Hb is rich in food like raisins, dry figs,green leafy vegetables,Liver,seafood etc. If needed get a doctor prescribe an iron supplement to you.

Thyroid Levels:

Most of us including me thought Thyroid occurs in older age but sadly it mostly affects women of age 25 and above. Usually Thyroid and weight and fatigue is associated but sometimes the symptoms go unnoticed. There are three hormones T3,T4 and TSH the deficiency of one ore more can lead to Hypo or Hyper Thyroid. The clear reasons are unknown but if you have a family history do get it check.It is when the pituitary gland shuts down or produces more hormones.

How to check it ?

Give your blood sample to the local lab and get it verified for Hb(iron Deficient) and for Thyroid (T3,T4 and TSH needs to be verified). A prescription from doctor or even by self is accepted in the lab.

Next step :

You will have to lead a healthy lifestyle and get the Thyroid levels checked and monitored regularly.(once in three months if identified with Thyroid before else once in six months).If you are under medication don’t stop it until doctor says so ,even if the levels have become normal after taking medicine continue taking the medicine until the doctor says.

Thyroid and Hb are deficiencies and doesn’t go away after a course of medicine is taken. It has to be maintained and properly taken care.

If you have been identified as anemic or you happen to have Thyroid, do not worry. Everyone or the other is deficient in one way or other, take good nutritious food, regular exercise and a stress free life is really important.

If your maid doesn’t come in right time don’t stress out, if you wait for the bus and it is not in time don’t stress out, Indian economy is bad and you feel its corrupted its OK don’t stress out. Your boss gives you a bad appraisal score don’t stress out. Eliminate stress out of the life, have a good sleep most of these problem gets solved by itself.

Point to Note:

Women those who are pregnant often required to take these tests before conception, even if you take medicines let doctors know your conditions before and the history of tablets or supplement taken for a healthier you and the baby.

Take care of your Body, because you live in there.

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