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Turmeric is a very nice spice/herb which is use both in cooking as well as for external application.This is a small plant.

The benefits of Turmeric vary according to the types of it. Roughly we can have two types one the Curry Turmeric and the other one is Facial Turmeric(Kasthuri/Wild Turmeric). Both comes under the same plant kingdom,but varies in its species.

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Still Turmeric as such is a very valuable medicinal plant.

Turmeric in Food :

  • Adding it to food not only bring good flavors but also takes care of the good digestion.
  • It has the ability to reduce poison(incase of food poisoning)
  • Most home,while cleaning Chicken,Fish and other non-veg items it is recommended to clean it first with it.
  • Since it has antibacterial properties it is used wildly in food and cooking.

Turmeric for skin:

  • As said turmeric has a great antibacterial properties,works well on acne-prone skin.
  • It is also a good bleaching agent,regular use of it can reduce tan and shun the growth of facial hairs.
  • It is a good anti-inflammatory agent, applying turmeric on burns will reduce the inflammation and cure the burn scar.
  • When mixed with honey or besan powder is an excellent face mask.

Other uses of Turmeric.

  • It cools down the body, so applying it in summer or while having issues with prickly heat or back acne gives nice soothing effect.
  • Turmeric is mixed with warm milk along with pepper to get relief from cold and running nose. It is also induces nice sleep.
  • It gives nice smell, it can be dried and used as potpourris or vase fillers.


  • It is available in all Indian Stores
  • Turmeric Tablets are also available in many stores.

Points to be taken care:

There is a huge difference between the Curry and WildTurmeric. So while getting one, please check which one you get(though it will not cause any problem, you won’t get the desired effect).

It is naturally yellow in colour,so while using it will stain your fingers and skin even after washing it for the first time. Still it can be removed with a soap. KasthuriTurmeric is a variety which does not give stains/pigments.

Turmeric Stain in cloths is not removable.It takes a good wash,so take care while applying turmeric for body.

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