Top 7 Places for Weekend:Coffeetabletalks Recommends

Top 7 places for weekend

Weekend is always fun and so is travelling. Travelling on a weekend is totally amazing. Don’t we all love to travel.

Coffeetabletalks, put together the top 7 recommendation

Weekend Getaway 1 : Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India: 


We are kind of obessed with this place and have posted three seperate articles.

Check out the below links for detailed post.

Andaman | Port Blair

Andaman | Havelock Islands

Scuba Diving in Havelock

Weekend Getaway 2 : Munnar, Kerala India:

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Kerala often dubbed as ‘God’s Own Country’ has been the personal favorite of CoffeeTable. From the amazing Rajamalai, to the Kundalai, tenmala tea estates we have given you those spots and lovely pictures including the insiders information about the place !

Check out our Remembering Munnar post.

Weekend Getaway 3 : Kodaikanal, TamilNadu, India:


Kodaikanal is such a scenic place. It was often my family’s escape to almost all summers ever since I was a kid. In these years the city has developed a lot. Kodaikannal has a variety of place. Each time I end to a new place. Nomatter how many times, we go it is still new and refreshing.

More details of Kodaikanal is here.

Weekend Getaway 4 : Hampi, Karnataka, India:


Hampi is one of those historic place. It is well preserved till date. One can see and feel that atmosphere which is totally mystic and rich in culture. All those people who love seeing museums should definitely visit that place. The whole place is a Museum.

Read more for details and wonderful pictures.

Weekend Getaway 5 : Lonavala, Maharashtra, India: 


Lonavala is yet another hill station. It is a quick getaway to people around Mumbai and Pune. Situated on the gracious hilltop, it is such a lovely and a pleasant place.

Interested in going a roadtrip to Lonavala, then checkout our post.

Weekend Getaway 6 : Pandava Falls, NaviMumbai, India:

A humble spot in the city, which could easily go unnoticed. We  found it by just a mere stroll around the neighbourhood .It was a bliss.

Kids enjoying the stream
Kids enjoying the stream

Weekend Getaway 7 : Matheron, Maharastra, India:

Yet another hike, quite near to Mumbai, this beautiful place for a quick and affordable hike.

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