TOP 20 Best Body lotion for Winter available in India

Best body lotion in India

Winter has finally arrived and we are all in desperate need of the best body lotion to keep our skin soft and supple. Here is the list of top 20 best body lotion for winter available in India. These body lotions are easily available in local store or in online also. 

These Body lotions for winter are categorized according to the price range, skin type. We have also mentioned the other variants you could try from this range. This article has been extremely researched and well framed.

Generally, products with Shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter are efficient and works well for a body lotion. It is really essential to use body lotion, as it will help in restore the lost moisture of the body, making it healthy and supple. Any itching in the skin, or kind of slight burning sensation can be due to loss of moisture. Hence it can be combated by using body lotion.

1.      LOTUS HERBAL White glow and brightening HAND AND BODY LOTION

Main ingredient: Liquorice, Green tea and grape fruit
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : Unisex / All skin types
Smell: Mild

Size: 300 ml
Package: PUMP
Price: 202 /- (offer Price in

Indian brand: yes


This is my favorite, have been using for years. It is thick and also contains SPF 25. Acts like a suns cream and lotion. It may state whitening and bring kind of instant fairness which blends and fades away with time. Though the moisture is retained for full day.

Rating: 4/5
Other variants:  , CHERRY BLOSSOM

2.      The Body Shop Strawberry softening gel lotion

Main ingredient: strawberry seed oil
Paraben/sulphate free: no

Suitable : Women / All skin type
Smell: Strawberry flavour, heavy

Size:250 ml
Package: PUMP

Indian brand: NO

Review: Body shop products are all liked well by all, personally this one is light weight liquid moisturizer, blends well in skin. The fragrance lingers throughout. Body butter from the same range are heavier formulated and suits extremely dry and flaky skin well.

Rating: 5/5

Other variants: Moringa Body butter, honey , shea butter

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3.      Khadi herbals Rose and honey with shea butter moisturiser

Main ingredient: Rose, honey,shea butter
Paraben/sulphate free: yes

Suitable : unisex/ all skin types
Smell: light

Size: 200ml
package: Bottle
Price: 150-200

Indian brand: yes

Review: Khadi is a well known Indian brand which offers products made naturally without harsh chemicals. This one is a thick moisturiser which takes times to blend in the skin. Small quantity is enough to hydrate your whole body.

Rating: 3.5/5
Other variants: Almond and saffron, Peach and honey, sandhan and kesar, aloe vera

4.Vaseline Intensive care cocoa deep body lotion

Main ingredient: Cocoa butter
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : women / dry skin
Smell: cocoa butter smell

Size: 300 ml
package: pump/squeeze bottle
Price: 185/-

Indian brand: no

Review: This is quite a common brand, used by many. It comes in various range with SPF also. Personally I found this greezy for my oily skin. whereas others I have known with dry skin have enjoyed using this and the lingering cocoa smell.
Rating: 3/5
Other variants: Aloe vera , regular with shea butter, whitening

5. Boroline

Main ingredient: Boric acid, zinc oxide, Anhydrous lanolin
Paraben/sulphate free: no

Suitable : Unisex / dry , hard rough skin, heels mostly for night repair
Smell: Kind of ayurvedic,

Size: available in various size
Price: starts from 10/-

Availability: Local shops
Indian: yes

Review: Boroline is been used by many for years, it is loved for its antisepic and multip
Rating: 4/5
Other variants: small ones for lesser price

6.      Nivea Soft Light Moisturizing Cream

Main ingredient: Jojoba oil and vitamin E
Paraben/sulfate free: Not mentioned

Suitable : unisex / all skin types similar to cold cream
Smell: mild, chemical

Size: 300ml / available in smaller size also
package: tub
Price: 299/- for 300 ml

Indian brand: no

Review: This is the prefect cream for face, body and feet. Very moisturizing, the new(white) one is light moisturizer for all skin types and the blue one in a deep hydrating cream for very dry skin especially during winters.
Rating: 4/5
Other variants:  Nivea CRÈME , Nivea nourishing body milk for very dry skin

7.      Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing skin cream.

Main ingredient: Almond oil and Honey Extracts, Vitamin E oil and natural sunscreen
Paraben/sulphate free: not clear

Suitable : Unisex / all skin types
Package : Tub, lotion in the same variant comes in a squeeze container
Smell: mild, doesn’t linger along

Size: 100 ml
Price: 80
Indian brand: Yes

Review: It is a kind of under rated product, recently I happen to try this through a subscription bag and totally loved it. This also comes in a 10/- sample size which is quite convientent to carry in pouch for those emergency moisturising. The formula is creamy similar to nivea creame but in a much lesser price range, easily available in medical stores.
Rating: 3/5
Other variants: Cocoa and Aloe Vera, the same comes is much lighter variant which is the Nourishing lotion

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8. Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion

Main ingredient: Not clear, says skin natural nutrients and essential oil
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : Women / All skin types
Smell: Medium smell like the dove bathing bar

Size: 400 ml
Package: Squeeze Bottle with flipflap top
Price: 399/- , available in lesser price for smaller size

Indian brand: No

Review: This would have been for most of the pleasant smelling lotion. The stay is very long, doesn’t require much of reapply unless you are super dry. This is less greasy compared to the other ranges from Dove. This is easily available.

Other variants: Go Fresh range ( cucumber and green tea is highly refreshing), Pampering nourishing range are all really good to try, these all have strong but pleasant fragnace.

9.  VLCC Almond Nourishing Body lotion

Main ingredient: Almond extract, wheatgerm oil,Aloe vera and Fenugreek with spf 15
Paraben/sulphate free: Not Clear

Suitable : Unisex/ Mostly suited for summer or oily skin
Smell: Medium Fragrance

Size:350 ml
Package: Pump
Price: 255/-

Indian brand: Yes

Review: VLCC is brand, that tries to produce quality products for much lesser and affordable price, though it is not impressive in terms of stay which you have to apply quite often during winters. Otherwise it is that prefect mild, light cream you can easily apply during summers or in a warmer region.

Rating: 3/5
Other variants: Cocoa butter, honey, Liquorice Cold Cream

10.      Himalayas Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion

Main ingredient:  Cocoa Butter , Vitamin E
Paraben/sulphate free: Yes

Suitable : Unisex/ All skin types
Smell: Chocolatey smell, medium stay

Size: 400 ml, smaller size also available
Package: Squeeze Bottle with a Flip Flap lid
Price:250/-. For 400 ml, much lesser for smaller ones
Indian brand: Yes

Review: Himalaya Herbals is probably the first Indian brand with no Sulphate and parabens. I totally trust this brand and use it for my kid too. This one is kind of chocolate smell and blends well in the skin. Though the fragrance is strong for few minutes after application, it reduces. The overall stay is good. If you are looking for sulphate and paraben free products, then this will be well within the budget.

Other variants:  Winter cherry and Aloe Vera

11. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Main ingredient:  Cocoa Butter and vitamin E
Paraben/sulphate free: Yes

Suitable : Women especially for Pregnant Women, helps in controlling stretch marks and itching
Smell: Cocoa Butter, Mild to Medium

Size: 400 ML
Package: Pump /squeeze
Price: 545

Indian brand: No

Review: Highly recommended for pregnant women who are prone to itchy belly and stretch marks.  Even doctors recommend it.
Rating: 4.5/5
Other variants: Baby butter, stretch marks, bust cream.

12. Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion

Main ingredient: Winter Cherry, musk root, almond oil
Paraben/sulphate free: 98% organic , no paraben or sulphate listed

Suitable : All / Dry skin
Smell: Ayurvedic

Size:190 ml
Package: Bottle
Price: 180/-


Indian brand: Yes

Review: Biotique is an Indian brand, which produces products which are 98% organic and rich in Ayurveda. These products from this brand is really genuine and has not caused any harm to skin. These are also in the very affordable range. And yes they are chemical free.
Rating: 4/5
Other variants: Biotique Morning Nectar ,Apricot Refreshing

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13. LUSH COSMETICS, Imperials Moisturizer

Main ingredient: Lavender Infusion and orange Blossom
Paraben/sulphate free: Yes, they are handmade

Suitable : Women / All skin types
Smell: Pleasant ,floral smell that lingers all day

Size: 45 gram
Price: way too high, shows Rs. 7722 on Amazon

Availability: Rare, usually in the show room
Indian brand: No

Review: Lush is a handmade cosmetic, and all those who have used it have loved it so much, these brand are highly luxurious and lies on the top in terms of cost. If you happen to drop by their store, do try out these ranges.
Rating: 3/5 reducing the rate cause of the price
Other variants: Lots of variants are there like Sleepy, elbow rub etc

14. Aroma magic Honey and Shea Butter Body lotion


Main ingredient: ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils with SPF 25
Paraben/sulphate free: Yes

Suitable : Women / All skin types during winter
Smell: Contains Artificial fragrance which is mild

Package: Bottle with flipflap
Price: 225/-

Indian brand: Yes

Review: Aroma Magic is an upcoming brand which is producing chemical free products. These products are always result oriented.
Other variants: Almond Moisturiser

15. Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Rich Body lotion

Main ingredient: Kumkum butter, Indian rose ,Almond oil and Vitamin E
Paraben/sulphate free: Yes, organic

Suitable : Women / normal to Oily
Smell: Rosy smell, somemay find it overwhemming

Size: 200ml

Indian brand: yes

Review: Forest Essentials is a luxury Ayurvedic brand which produces divine smelling products that are organic and free of chemicals like parabens and sulphates. This one is a completely a good and long lasting smell , has thick formula, needs lots of blending to apply.

Rating: 3.5/5
Other variants: Madurai Jasmine , Mashmora Honey and Vanilla

16. Parachute advanced Deep nourishing body lotion

Main ingredient: Coconut Milk
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : women /all skin type
Smell: coconut and mild

Size: various size from 18ml to 400ml available
Package: Sleek Squeezy bottle
Price: From 59/-rupees

Indian brand:Yes

Review: Used in a lot of household , parachute hair oil is quite well known for their authenticity and a product them is definitely a must for an average household. This is a cost effective lotion for all and definitely a winner in the products of this range. This is of course greasy ,and takes times to blend. For those who love coconuty smell this would be a divine.

Other variants: Aloe vera

17. Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion

Main ingredient: Active Natural OatMeal
Paraben/sulphate free: Not Clear, it does contain Chemical

Suitable : Unisex / Dry, Flaky skin, works well for people with Eczema
Smell: Mild, therapatic smell

Size: 354ml
Package: Pump
Price: 850/- smaller size with lesser price are also available

Indian brand:No

Review: Aveeno is a USs based company, and it has been a trusted product there for lots of years. Aveeno has a baby range and ranges for mothers as well.  Aveeno is extra moisturing, non sticky and easy absorbable one, which can easily stay for a day.

It is also well trusted by people having extremely dry flaky skin, and lots of people having Eczema. Soothes itching caused by dry skin. Available now in India. It in the slightly higher range.
Other variants: Baby Range, extra Dry Skin


18. Jergens Deep Conditioning with Shea Butter

Main ingredient: Shea butter ,mango butter and cocoa butter
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : Unisex / Extremely dry and flaky Skin
Smell: Smells good

Package: Squeeze Bottle

Indian brand:No

Review: This is a kind of therapatic lotion, used for extremely dry skin. It takes time to blend and it of thick consistency. Loved by people who are prone to very dry skin.
Other variants:  Ultra Healing, Skincare original

19. Neutrogenia norwegin formula moisturizer

Main ingredient: Glycerine rich
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : Unisex / Dry skin , winter cream
Smell: Mild

Size:250 ml
Package: Squeeze bottle with Flipflap
Price: 399

Indian brand:No

Review: This would be a mid range moisturiser that could be used by all especially during winter, since it is non greasy it could be used by dry skin people throughout the year. The frangnace is nil or nearly mild, which will be a winner for even men or those who don’t like smelling lotion. Stay is long enough.
Rating: 4/5
Other variants: Not yet

20. Ponds

Main ingredient: Blend of Vitamin B3, E and C
Paraben/sulphate free: No

Suitable : Women / All skin types
Smell: Floral

Size:300 ml
Package: Squeeze bottle
Price: 230/- , smaller size with lesser price available

Indian brand: Yes


Review: Ponds cold cream was loved by all since we were introduced to these fancy cold cream. This one is kind of a light moisturiser, that blends well and stays well. One thing that I personally don’t like is it is becomes really greasy after going into sun. Yet it stays in the top 20 because for the price and availability.
Rating: 3/5
Other variants: The Classic Ponds Cold Cream

So this is the list of all products that are good for skin and worth the money. Most of the products are easily available on the local stores whereas some are available online. Do comment on the product you always trust.

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