Top 10 things that should never be told to a Pregnant Women

A pregnant women undergoes a lot of emotions through her pregnancy, in midst of the pain, uneasiness and mixed emotions; happiness of the tiny human kicking and crazy craving gives her happiness, often she comes across certain stupid and irritating questions like the ones below.

Pregnant Women

You look way to Fat/ Thin for your pregnancy?

Obvious, a pregnant woman is piling up a lot of weight, which includes her baby, placenta, amniotic fluid and with her growing belly she looks curvy. It was that person’s decision to get pregnant and she already busy growing her baby, why comment on such thing.

Better, compliment a pregnant women else keep it shut.

Pregnant Women

Telling about misfortunes of pregnancy

Nomater, how strong a mother is or how well informed she is, when it comes to baby she feels protective and often all pregnant women go through a lot of doubts about the baby in the tummy, from the way it will grow to all sought of insecurity. Telling about a misfortune will definitely pull her down.

Those tales can wait or could be avoided.

Comparing one pregnant women with an other

Each pregnancy is different, similarly each women is different. One might have had a bad morning sickness while the other might have never had such a symptom. It doesn’t mean one woman is stronger over the other nor is having an ideal pregnancy.

Stop the comparison and enjoy and embrace yourself.

Talking about how bad their Stretch marks or pregnancy acne is

Pregnancy is a time when hormones make a great shift, the body is busy making the baby and supplying necessary nutrients to it. Hormones go crazy and it is obvious you might get acne and stretch marks can be visible.

Not everyone gets the pregnancy glow. Stop complaining about the women and start accepting it happens and give confidence, things will be back to normal after delivery.

pregnancy acne

Asking or guessing the gender of the baby

In India, it is a punishable crime to reveal the gender of the baby, so everyone gets to know the gender only after the baby is born. Each person might have a personal choice or preference over a particular gender due to some reason. Guessing the gender or talking about it might make her feel frustrated. On another point to a mother, it is her kid ultimately, so why debate over the gender.

Are you planning to breastfeed?

Nowadays, Women are well informed and know that breastfeeding is the best way to grow a healthy child. Asking such questions will be quite irritating. It is up to her to decide on that, why are you policing over it.

breast feeding

Was it planned?

What does that matter to you? Are you going to bare my pain or at least one of my household chore. Then why does it intrigue you?

Aren’t you too old for a baby?

Who decides the age, at the end she is conceived and is healthy why talk on such things.

Will you work after delivery?

It is totally personal. Every mother will want to stay with the baby, but will also be loaded with an extra financial responsibility. So give her some time to think and enjoy her pregnancy while loading her with difficult questions

Better be a normal delivery?

Everyone wishes for a Normal delivery for it is easy to recover and all sorts or postpartum issues, but that doesn’t mean going through a cesarean is totally unnecessary. When there is distress either to mother or baby, being safe is better than risking oneself.


Pregnancy is a wonderful journey , never miss out the goodness of it just because few people were so stupid or mean, try to relax and stay happy throughout pregnancy.

Every mother should have come across such questions, comment down the insensitive questions and tell us how you had taken it.


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