Sushi and other south asian delicacy

Sushi ! The itself sounds interesting. Sushi had always been one item I wanted to try . As far as I know sushi is made out of raw fish , that’s what I was so afraid about.

Not until my visit at “PATTAYA STREET” kharghar ! I really found out why people are so crazy about sushi. Afraid it could be raw fish and something not so good, I asked the server, which he politely smiled and said “Here in India we use the cooked fish” . Thank god.

Sushi Pattaya Street
Sushi Pattaya Street
sushi -Courtesy :Zomato|Pattaya Street

Sushi was served in a tray, six pieces of well cut, and made sushi along with a pickled ginger,soya sauce and wasabi.

Those who don’t know wasabi, it is an japanese plant, and wasabi is the root of it,from which they make a strong sauce.I mean a really strong sauce.

Wasabi | Wikipedia

The whole kick of eating SUSHI is wasabi. You dip SUSHI in soy sauce and little amount of wasabi and put it deep in your mouth.

The next moment you experience hot,heat coming from your eyes and nose.(I even felt like dying, chill I took so much of Wasabi thinking it was the normal green chutney for Tandoori).Then you finish it with the pickled ginger to neutralise the taste. Sushi is addictive.(not really , but truly tempting)

There are many kinds of sushi. Generally sushi is fish/prawn rolled in rice over which it is covered with a NORI (a kind of  black sea weed wrappers). Okay all these unknown terms makes SUSHI interesting and I personally believe SUSHI eating is like experience. Though I might not have tried it dedicated Sushi bars, the one I ate did surprise me and I had fun.

Burmese Soup
Burmese Soup

Another South Asian delicacy I would recommend is the “Burmese Soup”. In Fact the whole burmese cuisine is nice, I would say it is a kind of mix of the Mangalorean,Goan cuisine. They use coconut and the dish is not spicy but has good amount of ginger and garlic.

Some other things one can try is the Chinese Spindles, these are stuffed chicken coated and wrapped with fried noodles served with a sauce and the very own momos,it simple,bland and good !

Spindles -Pattaya Spindles -Pattaya Street
Spindles -Pattaya Street|Courtesy :Zomato|Pattaya Street
Momos Pattaya Street
Momos Pattaya Street |Courtesy :Zomato|Pattaya Street

I tasted the burmese chicken soup,it was wonderful.In Fact I tried making it even at home. We end up taking the burmese soup and Sushi and return home.The meal is full.

If you feel like eating out and finding the regular ones boring try the South Asian Cuisine,it is wonderful ,surprisingly full and happy.

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