10 Reasons Why Sunday is so Special

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

Apart from the fact we are off Work or School, few things only we could do on a Sunday. That is why we all love Sunday.

  1. To Stay as long as we can on the bed

    It is that perfect day when we roll, then roll and then roll until we are a little hungry.

    Sunday Sleep
    Sunday Sleep

    Sunday Special Morning Coffee: 

    Everyone feels the same, somehow Sunday Morning Coffee is peaceful and loved. Either it gets your Parents or your Spouse to serve you a warm coffee as you wake up.Sunday Coffee

  2. Sunday Times

    No matter at what part of the world you are ,Sunday Newspaper is something that is so beautiful. In-spite of the electronic medium Sunday Newspaper Survives ! Right time to catch up all the old news,checkout any stores or movies.

  3. Sunday Brunch

    Probably the term brunch was coined for a Sunday only. Who doesn’t love to have that breakfast and Lunch together.

    Sunday Brunch
    Sunday Brunch
  4. Sunday Pampering

    I am sure everyone of us would love to get yourself pampered on a Sunday. Let it me that Nail Cut or that face mask which was lying around for a while or even a leisure  bath(some Sundays go without bath too !]
    Sunday Pampering
  5. Getting Organised

    Sunday would be that day most of us do the laundry. Get our room cleaned and fold out cloths.It is that one day we have time.
  6. Sunday Afternoon Nap

    I love this part, after the Sunday Chores,pampering, and a great lunch no one stays awake.

  7. Catching up with Friends and Family.

    This is something we should often do. It is either over a phone or a short visit to their room or a cafe we get all the updates and catch up with them.
  8. Sunday TV Shows and Movies

    Most of the interesting Shows are aired on a Sunday Evening. Time to watch those movies which was in our “Watch Later” list .Gets us time to unwind and spend at home.
  9. Sunday Read

    Applicable to that book which we wanted to read also.
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