Why Silk Thread Jewels are so in trend

Full Set Ranges from Rs.1500/-

Silk Thread jewels are the trend of the day. Anyone who eyes it would immediately fall in love with it.

Those bright colours and soft texture can never go wrong.

These comes in various designs and colours. Be it ethnic or western these could be paired with any.

Full set of Earrings, pearl studded neckpiece and bangles... cost Rs.3000/-
Full set of Earrings, pearl studded neckpiece and bangles… cost Rs.3000/-
Coffeetabletalks Silk Thread Jewels
Coffeetabletalks Silk Thread Jewels

Silk Thread jewels can be customised as per your wish. These delicate feminine jewels could attract anyone and would be that ideal gift.

Why wear the boring heavy weighted jewels all the time.

Silk Thread jewels go hand in hand with sarees , lehangas and salwars. They are lightweight and quite elegant. They bring out the light and shade of the dress you are wearing.

This beaded necklace, multicolour necklace with bangles costs Rs.1500/-

As these jewelries are customised , you could add or remove an item of your preference.

Bridal Collection:

As brides you would be requiring to wear in huge number, it could be wonderful with these silk thread.

I remember searching and spending a hell lot of money and time to find that matching bangle set, had there been a option of silk thread before I would have jumped into it.It would be an assest along with your wedding saree.

Bangles Range from Rs.400

Baby Shower:

It is said that the sound of the bangles worn by the Mom-to-be stimulates the hearing sense of the fetus. That is why in Indian Culture, pregnant Women wear bangles. These will form the ideal gift or return gifts

Pair it with the Kurtis or Salwars

Who said silk-thread jewels could be worn only with saris. It could often be paired with Kurtis.

Silk thread earrings, tassels and jhumkas are quite appealing to the dress. Simple versions of these are available for the day-to-day use also.

Jhumkas at Rs.150/-

Looking for a gift:

Silk thread gift can also form the added bonus gift for the sari or any gift material . Your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister will definitely appreciate you for that extra mile you took.


Silk thread jewellery will not bite your pocket

There is a common misconception of how costly these kind of jewels are. But actually here in coffeetabletalks, we are giving you in quite a resonable price.

Our designs starts from Rs.100/- and it is upto Rs.3000/-

Are you running in a budget ?

Don’t worry, say your budget we will customise the exact design you asked for within it.

For example, if you like a set of bangles,earring and necklace but the price is not in your budget. We will adjust the number of bangles or reduce some items used for customisation to tally the price. Isn’t that great ?

In coffeetabletalks, we have connected with people who make these amazing jewels. These are handmade and so much of effort and time is put into it.

How To Order

Like to order, then do call/whatsapp +91 9987013069 or simply mail to contactcoffeetable@gmail.com or drop an enquiry here.

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