Coffeetabletalks ha been associated with many brands. Here are the services we offer.

-Social Media Promotion
– Sponsored Posts/videos
– Product Reviews
– Contests and Giveaways
– Affiliate Advertising
– Representation at Events
– Brand Ambassadorships
– Freelance Writing
-Setting Up social media pages 
– Social Media Management 
-Product Photography

The costing of these depends on the choice of these services.


  1. All photos are taken using DSLR(high quality and Clarity)
  2.  If requested ONLY RAW copy can be shared ( with copyrighted) unless it was for product photography.
  3. Social Media Posts will be LIVE ( only after trying the product).
  4. Incase of high urgency, FIRST IMPRESSION reviews will be provided.
  5. Reviews will be purely on my opinion and will be shared only after using for a atleast a week.
  6. Social media Stories (1-3) will be made for every post. Incase the client requires more stories it will be chargeable.
  7. Videos on YouTube is chargeable. It will vary on the urgency and the total time duration.
  8. Sponsored content will be mentioned in the description of the Video.
  9. Blog post will be provided.
  10. Blog post with FOLLOW links will be charged more.
  11. All basic promotions for the posts/video will be handled by me. Client can also contribute if wishes.
  12. Payment needs to be cleared with a week of the LIVE. Incase of any issues prior information will be appreciated.
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