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The Scholl Express Pedi is a the best footcare , I had ever experienced. Scholl Express Pedi is that one thing you need to solve all your dry heels,cracks problem.

cure cracks

Considering the amount of money we spend on a decent pedicure, this one is a blessing.  Priced at 999/-it is easily available on or Nykaa. Scholl Express Pedi is quite convenient to hold, and the scrubber is very designed so well that it glides on your feet. Easily removes dead skin and cures cracks in feet.

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The package has got 3 bateries, the roller and the equipment. It is a dry equipment, you need to use it only on dry feet, people with diabetes and other open wound need to stay away from this product.

Does it cure callus /corn

May be with multiple use it can remove it superficially or smooth it out.

Does it works on Cracks

Absolutely it does, removes dead skin and makes feet soft and beautiful. Soaking the feet in water before using this can help in easing the work of the roller.


Once you have scrubbed the feet, remove the roller clean it and then you can replace it. The rollers are replaceable. Considering the previous release which resembled a peeler, this one super comfortable on hand.

mini review of scholl express pedi

Name-The New Scholl Express Pedi

Price – 999/-

Size – Fits your hands quite well

Battery operated – 3 AA battery ( included in the package)

Roller head  is replacable, available for 400-500/-

  • Dry Usage only.
  • Not recommened for Diabetic and skin troubled/open wound feet.
  • Works well
  • The roller works well,needs replacement after long time use only.


  • The roller accumulates dead skin quickly. It still depends on the feet used.
  • Noisy.

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Coffeetabletalks Reviews:

I have been suffering from hard,dry damaged feet for quite sometime. Infact was even embarrassed to go for a pedicure seeing the condition of my feet. That is when Express pedi came to rescue. Super convenient and easily usable. Perfectly smooth and soft feet from first day use. Highly recommend it over a pedicure or the regular metal scrubber which is time consuming and pocket biting. This is a one time investment. Do get it, you will thank me later.

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