Sangeeta Boochra, the favorite jewelry store of every celeb, now opens new store in Bangalore


Have you ever wondered where to get those stunning jewelry worn by our favorite bollywood divas. Well yes, here is their secret destination.

From those statement neckpiece to those dainty earring, makes you to roll your eyes, because they are rich in craftsmanship and have unique design.


You can shop these beautiful, exclusive designs here

Sangeeta Boochra

Silver Centrre

If you are person who looks for such beautiful and valuable jewels , you should try Sangeeta Boochra, very famous in the Pink City, Jaipur Rajasthan.

They do have many other branches around the World and now their 40th Store has been opened in Bangalore. They also have planned for 4 more store launch this year.

Sangeeta Boochra , is one of the popular choice among celebrities, fashion influencers and stylists. This 130 year old brand has it’s root in Jaipur.

The event in Bangalore was huge and had esteemed guests from various fashion and media. You must visit the Bangalore Store of Sangeeta Boochra

Bengaluru Flagship Store Sangeeta Boochra Address

Address | Bangalore | Just Launched

13 Kamaraj Road
Opp Mysore Silk Udyog
Off Commercial Street
Bengaluru – 560001

You can also shop online Silver Centrre

Mobile : 966-00000-37

Website :

About Sangeeta Boochra | Silver Centrre

The brand Sangeeta Boochra | Silver Centrre manufactures and retails Traditional , Tribal , Contemporary jewellery studded with Precious and Semi precious gemstones , made in pure sterling silver 925.

They have 3 factories in Jaipur and design studios.  

Success Story of Sangeeta Boochra

Silver Centrre was a manufacturing arm was established in the year 1897 Jaipur by the powerful Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra , formerly known as the Silver King Of India.

He founded the Bullion Association Limited in 1926 the only place to trade Silver Bars. He opened the prices of Silver for 40 years till his death.

Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra joined his father and converted this Silver Bar trading company into silver jewellery manufacturing company , under his vision the group expanded far and wide.

He built excellent relationship with master craftsmen and artisans of jewellery. He started with Corporate social responsibility programme – the company donates a certain amount of their revenue to the weaker section of the society , artisans , craftsmen , education , medical treatment etc.

During his time he started the programme where all the kaarigars / artisans from these society were taken with brand to all it’s shows / exhibitions and were made the front face of the brand. Our artisans / kaarigars have full access to meet and greet the clients weather it’s a royal family member or a celebrity there is no discrimination at any level.

Sangeeta Boochra got married into the jewellers family in 1985 – born and brought up in a small village in Rajasthan known as Sujangadh . Her constant hard work and her inclination towards designs was rightly identified by her father in law Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra, who insisted that she joins the powerful family business.

Sangeeta Boochra_coffeetabletalks

She then started designing jewellery and joined the business in 1994 – rest is all history.

She creates more then 10,000 styles every month. Brands client list includes the Royal Families of the world , Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities , Bureaucrats , Politicians , Industrialists etc.

Why you should buy from Silver Centrre

” The brand has the advantage of first mover as most of the artisans are treated as family as taught by Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra , therefore they first come to us to sell their products before going to anyone else.

We get people from the interiors of Assam , Bihar , Madhya Pradesh , Gujrat , Rajasthan , Kashmir , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Afganistan , Uzbekistan etc. ”

Says Mr.Abhineet Boochra – Director, Silver Centrre

Ms. Sangeeta Boochra has taken special initiative to travel extensively into the interiors of India , met the master craftsmen , artisans and convinced them to work for the brand . She believe it can uplift art , culture and kaarigari of rural India. The brand also constantly is putting in great effort in showcases India’s craftsmen to the World.

Sangeeta Brooch
Jewels adorned by beautiful Shilpa Shetty

Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra and Sangeeta Boochra jointly started a programme in 1998 known as a Community development Programme under which :

Caters to the need of the rural artisians and make them a biggest part in designing the jewelry. It is indeed a great step that can open up many business and increase in income to the artisians, who are often not valued or given credits.

Women are a biggest part in the programme as they can work from home, choose the work hours. There is even no need to spend time and effort on transporting material as all these are taken care in this programme.


Sangeeta Boochra, Silver Centrre is available across globe in 40 different places. You can also check their portfolio and designer styles on their Website or their Social Media handle.

Also you can buy directly from any of their 40 exclusive stores all around the world.



Jaipur Flagship Store
Silver Centrre
234 Johari bazar
Jaipur 302003
0141-2571414 / 4005521

Sangeeta Boochra designs are also available on other leading sites/stores

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From those statement neckpiece to those dainty earring, makes you to roll your eyes, because they are rich in craftsmanship and have unique design.
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