Rock the Year with Charismatic & Alluring Indian Sarees

kerala saree

We all grew up draping our moms and grand mom’s sarees around our waist. Looking oneself in mirror
wearing this most alluring women ensemble can immediately transform a look of girl to a woman. Can
you imagine a proper Indian woman look without being in terms with India’s most fascinating weave

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Whoever said that saree is the best Indian clothing piece as it covers the right amount and exposes the
right amount, said it right. Be it Kerala sarees or Kanjivaram, Banarasi or Designer, Batik or Leheriya,
every state has its own kind of culture and sarees. Being the most possessed traditional staple and glory
of Indian culture, saree has always been the ultimate favourite ensemble of every woman irrespective of
their age, bode shape, size, skin tone and height.

You can find different types of saree from state to state. But let me tell you once you discover the
complete ensemble of traditional designs of Indian sarees, you will fall more for the staple. These sarees
can bring out the best in you and make you look like a true diva.

Even the Bollywood stars leaving no stone in giving us major saree goals. These gorgeous staples will
surely make you fall in love with them and you will start ditching other western attires. You can even
find these designer sarees online in multiple styles and feel just like your favorite star.

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Taken from almost all the states of the country, each saree design is equally gorgeous and captivating.
The blend of radiant shades and bold prints can create magic in a moment and haul you in the spotlight
of any occasion. And if you are a true admirer of rural Indian fashion and cultural heritage, you have got
your wish in the form of some of these breathtaking Indian saree designs.

If you already know that Kerala is known for its rich culture and captivating traditions, from food to
fabric, you must know that they are always on the top of the list. If you want to enjoy an interesting yet
sophisticated look, go for these gorgeous Kerala sarees. You can sway like a traditional chic with Kasavu

Thanks to Bollywood for making these designer sarees famous and that’s the reason why designer
sarees online are one of the high sale items. Seeing our favourite celebs wearing some particular
designer sarees and rocking it completely give us major goals and inspirations to rock the look just like

Is there anyone doesn’t know about the state Banaras and their famous Banarasi sarees. I don’t think so
that the place needs much of recognition or explanation for being in the list of ‘best places for saree
shopping in India’. Especially famous among the northern newly married women, these amazing staples
help women to look more royal and traditional.

Along with these, Kota silk, Bhagalpuri, Mysore silk, Bandhej, Leheriya, Chanderi, Bengali sarees and
Patola sarees are some of the most famous fabric and style in Indian sarees. Hope you will fill your
wardrobe with at least one saree from every state and rock the coming year by being the traditional chic.

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