Why Pizza remains my favourite ?


Pizza, the tamil movie is my favourite till date.

I went for the first day show just intrigued by the teaser and for the very own “Jagan”(The then Vijay Sethupathy, referred by me by his character in his previous release Sundarapandian).

Actor Vijay Sethupathy



It was nothing else which motivated me to watch the movie. Indeed it was a treat, it gripped the audience.

The first time I saw it I thought it was going to be an ordinary movie with ghosts and paranormal activity, but indeed it was different.

It had all the elements including comedy and romance for such an thriller genre. I was struggling to breathe when the hero traps himself in the house. The way he acted was something rare for a fresher.

I loved the way the movie was making its impact silently. It was a roller coaster only thing is it never had a slowed down .

The entire scene from where the hero gets in and out of the house was on high adrenaline. I had once again seen the movie the same week to enjoy how people reacted to the scenes, which I missed the previous time as I was completely connected to the movie then.

There was a scene in when “Bobby Simha” creates a scare, the whole theatre was taken by shock and I could hear many gasps and screams.

It was such a treat. I myself convinced many people to watch the movie. Pizza in Tamil was so delectable with right amount of all the ingredients.

Those who haven’t watched the movie, should right away see it. All the actors and director and music director has now become the most sorted face of the film industry.

Pizza was a trend setting movie. I really believe it was the Pioneer to the horror movies trend in Kollywood.

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I completely agree and appreciate the quality of hard work put in each creation. With all due respect to the creator of the movie and all the concern persons. I have penned down my own reflection of thoughts not written to influence or written out of influence.

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