PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE : Harish S Guru – Author and an Entrepreneur

Harish S Guru along with Priyadharshini together wrote a book  Who Breaks A Butterfly Upon A Wheel . A book which I read recently. The story was really good, for a debut novel it had all its essence.

Here on this week’s people who inspire we have Harish .I first knew him as an author of the book,later did I know he is into advertising. I really liked his character of following his dreams. He says “Dreams Evolve” ! So do  I believe…

For Harish it evolved from being Movie director to an author. Now it is his own Ad agency.

Harish S Guru

Well that’s not all Harish S Guru being a who fan of cartoons and Comics ,creativity was being feed without any limit.

I believe may being that big fan of Cartoons had made him believe all crazy ideas from being an Engineer, to have been struggling in film industry for a year ,to learn psychology for penning down a character in one of his stories,to been a rebel while doing his MBA and finally landing up on a startup Success Gyan ,then to write a book Who Breaks A Butterfly Upon A Wheel and got finally settled with SKADOOOSH ,his own Advertising agency.

Harish believe Entrepreneurship is Freedom. Freedom to apply own crazy ideas, and to have his own holidays(Well I certainly agree on that !)

So when asked why Skadooosh ?

He says , it was referenced/inspired from the very famous movie The Kung fu Panda . Stating the author’s exact words “The rise from an underdog to hero happens when he says ‘Skadoosh’ in the movie.It means winning over your competitor with awesomeness.”

What does Skadoosh do ?

They are advertising agency who are experts in Digital marketing.

They do

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Buzz Market
  • Word of Mouth Marketing !

On moments of distress biographies and this awesome poetry are his companions.

Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
Live and die on this day.
Live and die on this day.

Apart from Skadooosh which is having amazing clients and by the end of this year Harish himself says

” I have a huge plan for Skadooosh and you guys will soon see the name “SKADOOOSH” everywhere in Tamil Nadu. “

Also Skadooosh plan on development of Indian Tourism has been sent to the PM of India,that’s not the end the received

a letter from the PMO for fixing a meeting ! Kudos team !!

Well one side his Startup is buzzing and on the other side he is an author ,with a published book Who breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel was among the BESTSELLERS ON AMAZON for the Crime Genre last year ! He is planning on other books and the release is on due.

Amazon Best Sellers

Harish praises his Parents and Cousin Dinesh Guru for being immense support. Also his friends Velu,JAK,Ramu,KJ,Hari,Kiran,Ramp,Mano were a huge support. (He has even used JAK,KJ name in his book)

Harish is a true believer ,a fighter more than that a Dream Catcher !  Best Wishes Harish ,on behalf of Coffee Table !

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