People Who Inspire : Berty Ashley’s BATT , an Edutainment Endeavor

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                        The tallest point south of New Delhi is Mt.Everest !

Surprised ! Well that is what BATT does !

‘People who inspire’ is proudly presenting  BERTY ASHLEY’s BATT !


BATT [Berty Ashley Think Tank]  was officially established in 2014.What they do is amazing .

They conduct quizzes , quiz workshops and give quality well researched content for shows. (like the one quoted on the top of this post sensible,quality and unique question’s not like “when was the ‘Great Great Sir Raja Aladdin Benedict’ was born ?” Most quizzes do !! )

Well they don’t google “quiz questions” or select random questions from a Year book !! (Please People !! ) .

They put a huge amount of effort and research into questions. Not only that they customise questions based on the audience and theme of the event.

The Quizzes are fun and at the same time informative and educational with BATT ! That’s why they call it “EDUTAINMENT”

BATT is the only one venture which is involved in such services.(Boast it off Berty!). That’s why they have a “KILO” fans on Facebook.



“BATT believes that quizzes are fun – but also great chances to absorb and share information.

A meeting of minds, a pride of polymaths, an assembly of astute reasoners…and so on.They are filled with hardy-har-har helpings of humour,  and bursting at the seams with madly mesmerising matter and fizzily fascinating funda.” Says Berty Ashley.


Whether it’s toddlers in elementary or board-watching seniors:

Intra-school : Rs. 5000 per quiz (prelims, finals and audience questions)
Inter-school : Rs. 7000 per quiz (prelims, finals and audience questions)

Engineers, psychologists, artists or musicians – whichever kind of college student you are:

Intra-college : Rs. 8000 (prelims, finals and audience questions.)
Inter-college : Rs. 10,000 (prelims, finals and audience) .


BATT offers workshops for quizzing and on different ways of information-gathering, geared towards school-children.
for Rs. 4000 for 3 hours, for groups of 20-30 children.

Along with the payment a hot filter KAAPI ! not the tongue twisting espresso or coffee is much appreciated ! together with a playlist of ‘Epic progressive trance mixes’ get’s him all geared up.

He regularly conducts quiz and is a part of the 4 man team of the ‘Madras Pub Quiz’ and what not, he was working full time with ‘the Siddarth Basu’(father of television quiz in India)as a senior content researcher for STAR Vijay’s ‘Neengalum Vellelam oru kodi‘ tamil version of Kaun Banega Crorepati. That’s where he convert his hobby into a profession.

BATT has been working for 5 years in the city providing quizzes and workshops for top colleges (WCC, Stella, MOP, Ethiraj, JBAS, Loyola, Vivekanand…etc.) and schools (AMM, Velammal schools).

Outside of Madras, BATT has also conducted numerous quizzes for Vikaasa School in Madurai.

At this point I would proudly boast he was my school senior at Vikaasa.

Though I was not an active participant in school stage activities I never missed anything Berty participated or conducted.


BATT has been thanked by a multitude of educationalists. From correspondents to Principals.

Even Prominent movie and TV personality like Mr.Mohan Raman and Mr.Sumanth Raman of BSNL sports quiz fame has always been a huge support and a fan of BATT.

The Hindu has also featured BATT.

Sulabha rish nthya gevve

Apart from Quiz which he does out of pure passion he is a Senior Research Scientist at the Dystrophy Annihilation Research Trust in Bangalore .

He has been awarded a prize for being one of the top 100 gene Annotators in the country.

He has worked as a junior researcher at the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation.

Well now everyone starts imagining Berty as a nerd scientist in a white coat wearing carrying a beaker in a laboratory,looking into a microscope and writing complex equations on the wall behind.

Though I am not sure if he does that,being a scientist .He is also a YO-YO Dude ! Well in more meaningful words he is not only an “Anniyan Ambi but also Remo”(For better understanding of people like me).

He plays the guitar and drums for the bands ‘RTO’ and ‘Under A Rest’.These two bands(RTO his own band) plays different genres of music and he also does session work as a bass guitarist for short films and documentaries.

Anyone who have not subscribed to his BATT Channel on YOUTUBE do it soon ! It’s FUN . I mean it . It’s FUN.

Their series of #BATTExplains has just started and is pouring in excellent reviews.You want to know what is meaning of “HORN OK PLEASE” or “PURAMPOKKU” ? Then do check it out.


Down the lane , we could see them hosting an HUGE Annual Open Quiz at Chennai along with self sustaining quiz clubs at schools and colleges.

Berty believes in being oneself and says

“A billion dollar industry called Hollywood and Bollywood exists just to let people know that dreams can come true and should be followed no matter what. Why should life be anything different? you may not find synchronized dancers behind you in the rain.

But you will realize that at the end of the journey towards fulfilling your dream you have become stronger and more confident”

Berty’s words on his biggest source of support

“My family who filled my house with books and let me watch quizzes and Discovery channel instead of their favourite serials.

My teachers for patiently answering all my questions or showing the way to get those answers.

My teachers who motivated me to look beyond textbooks and think differently.

My friends who knew that i was a nerd and geek and still put up with me and spent time and money buying books and book shelves for me.Pink Floyd, ABBA, U2, Metallica, Illaiaraja, Neal Morse and Toto for being constant companions.

For helping me drown
my sorrows, sit through nights alone, stay up making questions and pumping me up before hosting a quiz.”


Along with that it was Batman and his words was a huge support !

“We impose meaning on the chaos of our lives. We create form, morality,
order. It’s a choice we have to make every second of every minute of
every day.” _Batman: Absolution_

Coffee Table wishes BATT a huge success and would always be supportive.

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