PAPANASAM MOVIE INSIGHTS : A Family Thriller and an honest remake

We all know Drishyam ,a malayalam movie with actors Mohanlal and Meena in lead was a massive hit. It has been recreated in Kannada,Telugu,Tamil and Hindi. With the Hindi version starring Ajay Devgan yet to release, Papanasam hit the screens on 3rd July.


Our Ulaganayagan KamalHassan ,Gautami,Niveda Thomas,Ester Anil,Anant Mahadevan,Kalabhavan Mani,Asha Sarath and many other well known actors sharing the screen or rather lived as characters.

kamalhassan in Papanasam
kamalhassan in Papanasam

With many tempted attempts to watch Drishyam before Papanasam , I somehow watched this movie in Tamil(though I knew the storyline). The movie had an excellent screenplay and a gripping story line.

Many a times remakes never create the same effect but Papanasam created a history.

The genre has discussed by many is a Family Thriller.It is a normal story of a cable TV operator and his family reciding in Papanasam until it gets complicated in the second half.



I am no one to comment on Kamal’s acting. We all know he has lived the character has a father,as a middle class , village person who still flows old styles spreading his ‘Cuticura Smell’ wherever he goes.Gautami was a breeze ,seeing her after many years was seriously pleasant she totally reminds me of the aunties/moms who get paranoid of technology, who supports daughters. The scene where she convinces Kamal to allow his daughter for the Camp would have happened in many house.

Though there are many actors who did pure justice to their character , I would like to mention Anant Mahadevan(I never knew he is a well known actor) and I really liked his performance in the climax.

Both Nivedha and Esther have done their best coping up with all the legend on the space.Every character, each and every scene has been justified .Though before watching the movie I thought the dialect in which the characters spoke will not be well received. I was once again proved wrong.The dialect and the backdrop is quite essential to the story.

Kamal Haasan and Gautami in Papanasam


Gibran was amazing I loved the background score, the song ‘Yenya En Kottikara‘ is too subtle and beautiful. Of Course the camera is too pleasing and cool to watch.

Do watch it(you will be surprised even if you have watched the original version,In my place the movie released with Subtitles so do take your non tamil speaking cinema fans with you )

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