Best beauty subscription box in India

Glamego Box Vs Fab Bag comparison of the best beauty subscription box in India

Glamego box and Fab Bag are few of the best beauty subscription boxes in India. While one costs 399/- per month and other costs 599/- per month. Both give same brands most of the time. While one concentrates more on Makeup the other is more on beauty/organic Indian based products. Check out the post for more detailed comparison.

Bubble Tea is a fun drink for all ages ft. Dr.Bubbles Chai Specialist

Review of Dr.Bubbles Chai Specialist Bubble Tea
♥ Price : Rs 150 ( Big )  and Rs. 130 ( Regular) 
♥ Ambience: Cozy, friendly corner
♥ Flavour/taste:  Great taste and variety of flavours
♥ Loyalty Program: Yes 
♥ Delivery : Yes ( Recommend to have in the outlet for that true taste)
♥Outlets: Mumbai, Navimumbai,Gujarat,Rajasthan
Final verdict: Great place to hang out with friends.