Organising tips: Easy and affordable tips for makeup goodies !

I am not a well organised person , I love to scatter my items and then search for whatever I need. But the pain is when I need to rearrange my mess.

It often happens when you rush to work where run to catch a bus/train inspite of having a good makeover. But most of the days my office has given me shoulders for the final touchups. Not only to me but to most all the women.

Here are few tips which I have done in order to save time searching for a bobby pin(hairpin) or a rubberband or a handy safety pin.

The first and basic rule of organisation things is the clarity and visibility. There is no use of storing something locked inside and opening all the boxes to identify what is in them.

Things required:

1.Tic Tac boxes
2. Missing or loop earring or keychain holder
3. Number of clear ,small containers which you can invest or reuse from the items at home.(e.g. a cracked cup, a small bowl etc)

Things Required

Safety pins and bobby pins:

The secret of a good organisation is not just arranging but the accessibility of the things.Bobby pins and Safety pins easily go inside these tic-tac boxes and also could be taken out easily.

Bobby pins and safety pins go inside Tic-tac boxes
Bobby pins and safety pins go inside Tic-tac boxes

Rubber bands and hair ties:

We might have numerous number of small rubber bands, put them all inside the earloops or a keychain holder.

Stacked rubberbands to the earring rarely used
Stacked rubber bands to the earring rarely used

Daily Accessories:

You might have a set of accessories which you will wear religiously always or most of the days. Those will go in the cup or a small bowl. It is easy to remove and find them in the morning rush.

Other tips:
1.Spread out your makeups and place them in various separate containers. For eg. I have separate ones for eyes,lips,face,hair.

2.If you happen to have a daily makeup which is regular and you don’t change it often then keep a container for daily makeup alone which will include a moisturiser,eyeliner or kajal and a lip care.

3.Keep your rubberbands,hair clips in one big container.

4.Place all these small cute ones in a tray or on some lid of any other container and keep it near your mirror.

Finally easy accessible makeup tray
Finally easy accessible makeup tray

You have organised your makeup session.

It stays good only if you have a habit of replacing everything at the right place every time.

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