How to Organise wires and cables easily

Are these unruly cords driving you nuts ! Well here is a solution to organise wires and cables.

All you need

1.Adhesive loops and hooks (The one which is seen in laptop chargers) available in Hardware stores or any craft stores.
3.Post-it Stickers

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How to organise wires


1.Roll the cord into an convenient length.

2.Take one of the adhesive an stick to the cord.

3.Cut a smaller adhesive and stick to the opposite side of the adhesive in such a way it secures the cord.
The adhesive are available in such a way it sticks together.(The one mostly found in laptop chargers)

4.Take your post-it sticker and stick it in the cord for labeling them.

5. Label the cord using markers.

Yet another hassle free day !

You can also use toilet paper rolls for securing the cords.

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