On being a Big Sister

With people celebrating RakshBandhan( a festival celebrated in most part of India to cherish Brotherhood and siblings), I thought it would be appropriate to write about how it is to be a big sister.

Honestly, I was the only girl in the family for a long time and added to that, I am the eldest. I will be the one who would most of the time babysit these little kids(once upon a time). Never did I realise growing up with a household full of boys will be so treasured.

Here are few things, We girls get used to, on being a Sister:

1.Overcoming Criticism

Constructive, destructive, negative, irritative, just-for-fun, any kind of criticism, a girl, who grew up with brothers could easily handle. We know they don’t mean any of it, all they want is to get us irritated.

Even at times, when they really say something nice, we never believe it. We over a blank tone we ask ” What is it you want? ”


2.Getting used to Messy Room

For a long time, I never knew how a clean room looked like. Yes, shoes will be thrown, food crumbs will be all over the place and long legs will be over the table.Well, that is quite normal and is also the way of life.

3.Handling SMELL and Sound 

I, at one point of time, got used to farts and sweat smell and yes even loud burps. No matter how bad you squinch your nose, or how loud you complain, or how bad you criticise, they keep doing the same thing just to see the yuck look on your face.

Deepika padukone

4. Punching, hitting and rolling over is not an issue.

Getting into a fist fight is very easy. I have seen, been part of, or tried to play the middle person for most of the real fight.Everyone would have had an experience, of getting into a row with your brothers.

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5.Playing dressing up games

As a girl, you would have never have felt being left alone, because your brother would have played all the dress up games and cooking games with you. Even though your little brother might be embarrassed, he has to accept that, he did love trying your frocks and skirts. He would also have cried and complained about the number of accessories and makeup you get. He would have definitely played housie with your Barbie !!


6.Eating anything and everything

You have to accept that Guys are not that choosy when it comes to food as girls. I have tried numerous recipes and my brother was and still is the test frog. Quite willing to try any new item and end up giving constructive criticism for now and in future it is something they would say to an another friend or family member just to embarrass you.

7.Staying Uptodate in Sports.

Somethings girls don’t usually mind is sports, not all of us are interested in re-watching a cricket match. Sometimes we get so helpless and end up watching all kinds of sports, including  WWF.

8.Surprise others by speaking Stock Market and Automobiles

These are topics hardly a women speaks, and when you speak about them and to even know you are updated in that raises many brows, thank you, brothers!


9.Many guys friends

End up knowing a whole bunch of guys,  all those who are acquainted by your brother. They either end up helping us or get us caught in our acts.

10.Loads of fun and laughter

Not only with brothers, with any siblings we would have had loads of fun and laughter. On imitating people, learning to laugh at our own self and loving each other unconditionally.

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We all love our siblings, we do have small, unreasonable fight but still that doesn’t matter. It may not be the perfect family, we might crib over other, gossip and fight but still it is OUR FAMILY! our only family!!

So let me know how you feel about this post. Of course, you could have related to this post. If so then let me know it here on the comment section or on our Facebook Page.

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