On Being a Women

Well “On Being a Women” I have always and will always be proud and happy.

Why is being a Women Wonderful ?

Is it because we signify beauty,tenderness no it is because we are the strongest. Women are often thought to be slender,tender ,delicate but very rare people notice how strong women are,their multitasking is far more efficient , better decision makers , very good financial managers,great negotiators.

We are in 2015 we still blame women for Rape,we say they are culture less they don’t wear Cultured dress . Fine let we women be so, what about those “Cultured Men” who rape. Is there any Itihas, or veda or any Cultural evidence that rapes are OK or so divine.

We easily blame a girl for anything, they child does not behave well “What has her Mother thought ? she/he is manner less”
For most of the life why is it a Female has to make a decision just because she is a female.

1.Get married soon ! Why ? Because you are female and you need support
2. Don’t roam at Night ? Why ? Because you are a female
3. Learn to Cook ? Why ? because you are a female
4. Professional Goals ? No first get married and have a child
5. Fine I have a child ,now Profession ? What the F*** ? Take care of your child
6. In arranged marriage ,guy rejects then its the women mistake, ok the women rejects still its her mistake
7. In office can you initiate a Visa/promotion? Wait let me think , you are women you get/got married and so ?
8. In office still we have gender based salary even Hollywood female actors are raised their voice.
9. Only a girl ditches a guy,we have so many soup songs and we are proud, how many of us know the story other way round. Even if we know we still blame the girl and are not ready to accept her cause she is a slut anyway whereas the guy is a devadas and we feel pathetic.. Wow.

We all like to play the blame game but when it is “Come on lets blame the Female in the house” we are all eager.

If a girl is outspoken she is often criticized.If she is broadminded she can be used to our advantage. She smiles at you fine she is a flirt. But you know what they petty little men will never understand how strong a women can be.

You complain we talk about feminism we blame all men. No we blame those who keep quite too. We blame those who accept a Modern thought women outside but not inside the house.Most of us want our female friend to be outspoken,friendly and even admire their confidence and boldness but how many men what their Wife to be the same?

Why is it like this ? How many want their daughters to be independent enough but how many do accept your wife like that.

Not all Men are like this, very few or now a days a lot support and understand these issues. I would like to emphasis there is nothing like a Man or a women work. It is just the preference or a choice. It takes only a real HUMAN to understand.

And Girls/females , be proud for who you are , never underestimate the power of yourself. Don’t ask for reservation we don’t need it instead teach Man/boys to be well behaved,understanding and treat you as a other HUMAN not a WOMAN.It is not OK to be abused even with words, Its NOT OK when someone says “Cause your are Women”.

You needn’t have to fight back, but stay where you are,do what they say not to do being a women. If drinking is wrong yes it is wrong for a woman or a  man. If they say premarital sex is wrong yes it applies to both men and women.

We don’t need a day to celebrate or remember or cherish on being a women. Everyone has those three days in a month to cherish being a women, on seeing your kid you cherish being a women thinking about the birth you have given.

Men remember to treat a woman as a human first all through the year then you can gift her for the Woman’s Day. That is all we except !

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