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Oil cleansing is highly beneficial for the skin and hair.

Recently I have been reading few things which actually makes us look back at our roots. Grannies Dairies will be the series of post which will make us remember those valuable information / lifestyle we have forgotten.

What is oil cleansing:

Indian Style : It’s very simple ,we do this mostly during Diwali(Tamil Hindu people will know it ) . It’s nothing just moisture the body with oil before we bath.


Generally it is done with castor oil as the carrier oil along with olive oil or almond oil. Only in the face this oil mixture is applied and let it soak for a while. Then using a hot dipped in hot water ,the oil is taken out from the skin.

How can it be done?

Simple ,take a oil of your choice,it can be coconut oil or sesame oil ( has much benefits) . Heat it a little so it is Luke warm . Massage it well in your skin and hair.

Oil cleansing
Oil cleansing

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. With sesame oil take care you don’t sit for longer hours. Take bath in warm water. Only warm water can remove the dirt along with the oil.

When can it be done ?

Preferably in the morning and once in a week.

Any points that has to be taken care ?

With coconut oil no issues you can play .

If you prefer sesame oil , be mindful as it can cool your body rapidly . Leaving your body or hair oiled for longer hours can cause heat and in turn fever or cold .


  • Your skin will bless you.
  • All your dryness will get solved no more itching.
  • Your hair will glow and be soft and hydrated.
  • sesame oil can remove tan from sun.
  • Cools the body,so can be applied after a travel it will soothe the body.
  • Oil bath is well-known for relaxing and inducing a good sleep.
  • Oil cleansing is suitable to all skin types.

How can it be more practical ?

  • Everyday after you get up ,apply oil in your skin and hair.So that you don’t wait for the oil to absorb,by the time you enter the bath ,it is well absorbed.
  • Ladies can substitute coconut oil for a makeup remover,particularly eye makeup.
  • Whenever you get that itching dry flaking skin,instead of choosing a lotion switch to oil.
  • Excellent option for brittle nails and flakey cuticle .

Though most of us know the benefits of oil cleansing we never tend to appreciate the roots.We realise only after someone else says it.

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