Not able to sleep , then why not try Beauty Sleep.

With the awesome response from the Nightly Routine which is actually a step needed for good sleep. This post is on helping people to sleep well .

Sleep is really essential because it is the time when your system gets rebooted. Good sleep is reflected in good skin ,good hair and a happy smile.


How many times you would have felt irritated in the day ,did you ever wonder why ? Or have you ever wondered why in a vacation we seem to be really happy and relaxed , I believe a good sleep is one of the reason.

Being a Friday,everyone would have plans for weekend , why not try this beauty sleep tonight !

Prerequisite : Please follow the night routine

What do you need ?

1.A good dinner ,with no sugars or caffeine(that includes pizza’s ,soft drinks,coffee ..)

2.Avoid drinking any fluid two hours before sleeping.(that way you are not disturbed by waking up for the loo)

3.Make your bed. Change your bedsheet.If possible have a satin pillow case

4.If you are a fan of candles and light music(many apps are available for sleep music) you can choose one and spray some room fragrance.


5.No alarm in the morning.(if possible invest in the old fashioned alarm clock and keep the phone way out of your bedroom).

6.Get your phone and all electronic gadgets out of your bed.

7.Make sure your room is clutter free.

8.Make sure it is dark.If not, wear a sleeping mask.

9.If the climate is cold,you can wear a socks else check the temperature of your AC and keep it not below 21 C

10.Tuck in tight and sleep well.


1.You will wake up way early than you have imagined .You will be fresh and full of energy.


2.A good sleep creates lots of positive thoughts.

3.You will be happy and contented.

4.More than that the day is productive.


5.You will be healthy and the skin will glow.

6.Your food choices will be healthy and you will not be tempted to grab something.

How often can you do it?

As often as you can. Make sure you have it atleast once in a week.

Ideal for children,teen,adults. Men or women you need a beauty sleep. It is nothing but trying to sleep peacefully without any troubles.

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