Who said Saree is old fashioned ? Try to wear saree for work !

Sarees are the age old canvas wherein artisans have couturiers their craftsmanship on meters of cloth. Saree for work could be a great option for all those style divas.

Bhandini are some names of sarees that reflect our culture. These are best type of saree for work.

Despite of their magnificent charm these sarees cannot be worn on a daily basis. When tried to they will bring an ethnic charm to your wardrobe. Saree to work is a bold option.

While sarees continue to hold an inherent charm and legacy their use over the years has become restricted to select occasions.

Bright Sarees
Bright saree

Image 1 – Courtesy – Tania Diaries on Pinterest

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Over the years many new age contemporary designers have revisited the age old technique of wearing a saree.

Most of them have applied their own aesthetics to fuse the Indo western silhouettes.

These allow ease of movement, work with organic fabrics and digital prints to adapt themselves to the modern fashion scenario.


Image 2 – Courtesy – Midday.com

Saree as an ensemble is not just a piece of fabric that is draped around the body.

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It has its own unique language and finds expression in the personality of the wearer.

Neither is it restricted to a certain age bracket nor is it formless.

The emergence of gen next has ensured the combination of cool and comfort in their latest creations.


Image 3 – Courtesy – Fashion Market.LK on Pinterest

To sight an example, the availability of different creations and styles does mean that sarees can be on par with western formal work wear.

To illustrate the thought further let’s take a look at the different styles that can be adapted for different personalities.

For those who appreciate colours and craftsmanship, there is a huge colour palette you can select from.

The handcrafted are available in vivacious shades of orange, pink and red.

Especially for those who work with children, this is a sure way to brighten up the classrooms. You can also team it with Silk Tread Jewels

Image 4 – Courtesy – Media/ Pinterest

The monochrome greys and blacks work best for those who’d avoid a colour bust on any given day.

Subdued colours work for corporate set ups and legal professionals. You can best use sarees crafted in Khadis

, linen etc.

Shop similar look Image 5 – Courtesy- byloom.co.in

The On – The – Go professionals cannot be bothered about handling the drop of pallus and falling blouses.

Besides, the youngsters don’t rely on flimsy chiffon or georgettes at work.

A much simpler solution is introduced in the form of dhoti sarees. These saris are a modern spin on Maharashtrian nauvaris.

Easy and fun to wear, they work best when cut in slightly more stiff fabrics.

They are  dyed in various shades . They are also stitched in a way to avoid the blouse altogether.

To add a tinge of fun they are generally paired with long jackets and funky accessories.

Fashion and media professionals can especially make the most of this style that has caught up with the new age.

The dhoti sarees as they are called, are also easily available and do not require you to flaunt your midriff at all times.

Image 6 – workoutinfoguru.com
Besides, the definition of Sarees for occasion wear has also undergone a drastic change with variations such as saree gowns, ikat prints

, crop tops as blouses and pant sarees being introduced.

They are handy at times of dire need and can be worn more regularly than just sit pretty in the wardrobe.

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