My Dog Story

A life is incomplete without loving a DOG. Just a small writeup on those cute little creature and the most important thing is what they expect ? simply LOVE.

They don’t know how good or bad you are, the don’t care about the house,the car or the bank balance, once a master always a master to love.

The moment you find them wagging their tail, that is it, a cute relation begins. I have had a lots of dog stories.

Starting from the first dog “Whitten” ,my mom named it(P.S I have never owned a breed,it is either an Indian breed or fine having mixed race,but who cares). My little brother was a toddler then and Whitten was his full time toy(pathetic creature) but unfortunately we lost it.

Then it was APPU, the puppy which we adopted okay picked up from the street, very active dog he was always willing to run and I had seen him after a month in vacation when he became big, thanks to my grandma and her recipe(idli and milk).He was healthy. I had immense pride in showing him off, still being a puppy he will walk us to the bus stop for school,on that day he was taken by someone(so did the auto driver claimed when we searched for him).I really missed and cried over.

Then out of so much pestering we got Simba.Local folks at my place really liked the name(not because it is the LION KING but because they believed it was the name of two most famous south Indian actress then SIMran and ramBA summing to SIMBA).Simba was extremely fun, we took immense care of not losing him like APPU and WHITTEN . We learnt .


Simba had always been a part of family, from the time he would weep over our footwear ,to hitting the door to make us pick the phone, to stealing my colour pens(GOD knows why he steals), to my grandma’s zandu balm. We could find those hidden in our terrace. I remember the day when he bit my brother it was quite an accident and the way he was guilty about it.

To the worst moments of pooping in the house and to have torn my Dad’s shirt(we didn’t notice, he had bitten the cuff while it was hung out to dry). Very unruly and bad mannered dog, but a lovely one.He was the rescue to all my teenage dilemmas and tempers.


At one point ,later we had to put Simba to rest. We decided not to have Dogs not because we don’t like them but we felt it is not fun but a huge responsibility too.

Within months we found two pups under our car, they were too small to sneak inside. For a long time my Dad was complaining rats which was biting the plastics under the car.When ever we moved the car, pieces of plastics lay there until then we caught the mischief making BROWNIE and WHITEY(well bad names but they were named after colours).

We never took them in home after Simba but they belonged to our whole street ,everyone loves to feed them and pet them.They were really healthy. My mother even though she loves dogs often feared for their bites, vaccinated them.She would sneak food .They were too faithful to her. Often when she goes to market they both will accompany her and bark at the vendor when he gets money from her.


With my brother Brownie loves to go to the ground, and lay near his legs when he is supposed to bat. Whitey was always submissive and Brownie dominates him,somehow we loved loved them equally. Someone claimed Brownie had bit few people and the corporation took it. We still traced back but all they said is all the dogs are safe and happy in the hound.We had the belt around his neck but he often takes it out and on that day they took him(Yes he jumped out of the fence,when we were at work).

Whitey is still with us, it has been nearly 10 years and he is still limping around.Other than that once me and my roommate recused NEELAM during the Cyclone named Neelam(2013 Chennai Cyclone). We didn’t adopt though just sheltered.

There is always some dog or the other in my life. All the dogs I had been with were not perfect they were unruly,never takes order , had never been in real training,not a fancy breed not even a fancy name(my brother named one Vada) but they brought us change a difference has a human and a wonderful thought “All one needs is LOVE” .


Now, I might adopt a dog soon but I would promise to take care of him and he is not only a pet but a family member and I will be responsible to him.

With that I would love to hear any name for a pup.

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