Movie Review: Velaiyilla Pattathari suits all audience !

I completely agree and appreciate the quality of hard work put in each creation. With all due respect to the creator of the movie and all the concern persons. I have penned down my own reflection of thoughts not written to influence or written out of influence

I loved the movie, indeed I was looking for tickets for the very next show. Dhanush has is own style, the team has come out with a simple, clear, mass loving movie.

It starts with Dhanush narrating his life as a VIP ,from there the movie just flows effortlessly with all elements added well. All the actors Saranya, Vivek, Samuthurakani and Amala Paul were used less but wisely as required for the story.

Starting from “Harry Potter” the dog to every one else in the movie , it was treat watching them. Loved the way Dhanush connects with Amala Paul’s mother, where he speaks about the characters in a serial they watch together. Special mention to Samuthurakani for his own aura and his dialogues both on and behind the screen which brought chuckles among the audience reminding each one of our own father.


A typical guy frustrated by joblessness, belittled in his family and one who waits for an opportunity to prove something and how he wins all odds in his life is told in a liter and refreshing way.

Dhanush as always has given best of his reaction, the way he walks after giving his salary to his small brother simply wowed the audience.

Dhanush walking with accomplishment

Saranya as usual stayed back in our heart and mind, not different from the previous role she played yet Dhanush and Saranya was a lovely combo. Amala Paul was a supporting lover to struggling boyfriend.

Saranya and Dhanush

Vivek’s comedy was great,though he came only in the later half ,he was well utilized. I simply enjoyed all his “Golden Flower ” encounters.

All the dialogues were awesome added to Dhanush’s own pace of delivering it with a bit of sarcasm together with attitude and a pinch of mass effect alleviated the script and received numerous claps. The “Amul Baby” villan was an interesting character. The team has taken efforts to maintain the reality of the film which is well seen in the hospital scene after the riot.

They really wanted to give a lighthearted movie and there it was one. Not forgetting the most spoken six pack , Dhanush is indeed been working hard for it.

Aniruth has made us humm all his tunes , especially the movie’s title track song “VIP .. ” in the voice of hiphop tamizhla, it reverberates and I came out of the theatre feeling accomplished and recharged !

Finally it is a great entertainer, book your tickets and be prepared as you will be tempted to watch the movie once again.

P.S: I am not a movie critic nor do I have intentions in belittling all the effort. Here I am sharing my experience while watching the movie. Pictures used in this blogs shall be removed if the copyrighted owners(if any) feels any discrepancy.

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