Monday is not Tuesday Book Review

Monday is not Tuesday book review

‘Monday is not Tuesday‘ book is quite exciting. It depicts the year 80’s and 90’s childhood of the author Amaruvi Devanathan.

Monday is not Tuesday book is quite similar to Malgudi days or Tom sawyer. It is basically about the mischiefs and troubles these school boys get into. This story is based on the South Indian in the 80’s and 90’s.

About the Monday is not Tuesday Book:

This book is about the kids( which includes the author, his friends and brother) and people around them like his paati, few neighbours and most of all his teachers.

It is a breezy book, which most of us born in 80’s and 90’s could easily relate and enjoy. Personally I could remember my school days and my teachers also after reading this book.

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The author talks much about his school, his teachers and his friends. Also there are few places where he takes time to mention the then political and social event that happened during that period.

About the Author Amaruvi Devanathan:

Amaruvi Devanathan works in a bank as an computer data architect and is settled in Singapore with his wife and kids. He has previously written a collection of short stories in Tamil. Here is a review in on his earlier Tamil book

He blogs at .

The book is available at Amazon cost Rs.99/-

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CoffeeTable Rating:

It was a breezy book and could relate anyone who loves cherishing their school days. We would give a rating of 3.5/5 .

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