Mistakes you are making in your skinroutine which will harm you in long run

skincare routine

Having  a clear skin is everyone’s dream. Did you know certain mistakes or overlooks we make on skincare routine can actually damaging all the efforts you are putting in.

Well apart from the CTM i.e Cleanse , Tone , Moisturize  there is a lot of other stuff to take care. Simple lifestyle changes, products we use and food we eat can bring a hell lot of difference to clear, glowing skin. So start reconsidering these tips on your new skincare routine if you aren’t following these actually.

SKIN CARE MISTAKE 1 – Not using Anti-aging cream

Well, all of us are always told to embrace getting old and I am no way against it. Many of us think anti-aging cream is for old people, technically our skin starts to age from late 20’s. It is essential because the stress and other factors can make your skin look way too old than it actually is. Spots, hyperpigmentation and many other skin condition will start to creep in. Aging is in your genes, that doesn’t mean you need to look old way more than you actually are .

There are various night creams and moisturizer with anti-aging elements, these take care of spots and blemishes.

SKIN CARE MISTAKE 2 – Not using a Night cream or eye cream

Night is the time where your skin gets restored, builts up the lost moisture and works hard when you sleep. It is really necessary to follow a killer night routine . We may not be sleeping 8 hours everyday. Following a good night skin care routine can handle the damage caused by late night movies, food and mobile lights.

Eye cream is a must for all. Since the region around eyes are really delicate, not taking proper care of them can lead to swollen, dark circles eyes.

SKIN CARE MISTAKE 3 – Un intentional dirt accumulation on face.

Sleeping with your face down on a dirty pillow. Constantly touching your face. This doesn’t mean prickling up your pimples, that counts has a blunder. Sometimes we take the support of our hands to rest our face. This will lead to unnecessary transfer of bacteria. Occationally it is fine, many of us including me had this worst habit.

PRO TIP – If you are prone to pimples/acne try and do avoid all those hair from touching your face, you will appreciate me after seeing the difference.

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SKIN CARE MISTAKE 4 – Over washing

You need to know how and when to wash your face. Over washing can lead to stripping of the natural oil and increase production of more sebum, making your face oily and dull.

SKIN CARE MISTAKE 5 – Not understanding skin type and products.

We all should know our own skin type. What works for one , need not work for other. You should always take effort to understand the ingredients present in the skin care and beauty products. Using a right product will save you from unnessary breakouts.

skincare routine

SKINCARE BLUNDER – Not removing makeup

Time and again everyone talks about removing makeup before going to bed. Well I MUST SAY EVEN WEARING A MOISTURIZER OR LIPBALM IS MAKEUP. You should make an effort to remove/cleanse the skin before bed. Applying a moisturizer/lipbalm after that is fine. The idea is to not leave products for a long time on skin.

uses of coconut oil

PRO TIP – You don’t need a costly makeup remover, coconut oil is more than enough to remove makeup easily. Use a luke warm water to remove oil from skin.


SKINCARE BLUNDER- Not moisturizing enough

All our skin types need moisture, even if you are oily skinned or prone to acnes, using moisturizer is a must. There are gel based moisturizer which can suit oily skin. Also combination of  different skin moisturizer for different part of face is in trend now. The basic idea is to have a well hydrated skin.

PROTIP – Drinking water is the only best thing you can do. Water hydrates your skin, removes toxins and helps in keeping your guts clean. A clean gut is a reflected on a clear face.

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Dumbest skincare mistakes we make
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Dumbest skincare mistakes we make
Skincare blunders we make very easily unknowingly
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