All that you need for a Minimalist wardrobe

how to have a minimal wardrode

Our wardrobes usually end up giving testimony to our love for hoarding.

It is also time consuming to hunt your wardrobe down every single time to find the appropriate bra or your favorite clutch.

Instead of owning everything, it is a better idea to streamline our wardrobes with absolute essentials. We have put together concepts to help you reorganize your wardrobe with a minimalist sensibility. 

1) Pant Priority 

Understand the colours you prefer wearing on most days. Usually navy and black are good options to have in your wardrobe.

They fit well for most work meetings and come to rescue on days when you have to rush for urgent lunch or dinner.

Ensure you have a pair of well fitted chinos, trousers or jeggings in the two shades.

Also it’s easier to experiment with your tops than bottoms, so even when buying a new pair opt for shades that you are usually comfortable wearing.

Pants suitable for all outfits
Pants suitable for all outfits-Courtesy: J.Crew

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2) Little Miss Lounger 

Blur the distinction between your comfortable home and night wear.

Instead of buying separate night suits, opt for pyjamas or track pants that you can sleep in too.

This will only save the hassle of space. Do check on the comfort level and opt for softer fabrics that won’t give in after daily washing.

Night Dress
Night Dress-Courtesy: PJ Pan

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3) Work- Out Gear

Do maintain a separate work out gear that is handy for your gym and yoga sessions.

Do not mistake it with your home and night wear. Invest in a pair or two that are structured to provide you with right fit and comfort.

Opt for labels that are known for their quality and longevity. Give them a separate section from your daily wear.  


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 4) Lingerie

Inner peace is as important as outer comfort.

Invest in sets of lingerie that can be distinguished according to your activity.

Leave the lace and frills for your evening outs, sports bra for your work outs, comfortable bra or (maybe no bra) for your night wear.

Buy colours and prints that complement your wardrobe instead of stocking something that screams for attentions.

This way you won’t end up overusing your precious intimates ensuring their longer shelf life.


5) Bags

Begin work on your accessory section with your bags. They usually carry your world with you.

A leather satchel for the day out, a backpack for your weekend getaway and a tan leather tote for your work wear are better options to carry.

Choose a size that complements your frame and always opt for bags that have enough compartments for you to organize your belongings.  


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6) Shoes

This is the tricky bit. Shoes are never enough, the more you own, the more you want to own.

Try to curb your desires by thoroughly looking in to the need of the hour.

Nude pumps, sport shoes, black heels, ballerina flats, ethnic kolhapuris and chappals are enough to mix and match with your every day wardrobe.

Investing in known labels will ensure zero shoe bites and unnecessary wear and tear.

Black Heels

Courtesy: –shop similar 

7) Dress

Dresses don’t just look pretty they can provide great comfort on days you don’t want to wear an outfit too fitted.

The dress you wear speaks volumes of your mood. A shift dress, mid length maxi and full length dresses are enough to keep you ready for your day and evening outing

Courtesy: Altrusa Club Of Appleton

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Also remember to donate and recycle instead of discarding your old clothes right away.

So, lets now put all our motivation and get into making a the most effective minimal wardrode.  What would be your choice from this list. 

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