Men or Women is a “Night Routine ” essential ?

Okay ! Before you start imagining! Night routine is some kind of routine activities which everyone should do in order to maintain their health and hygiene.

We all do it in the morning! but night routine? seriously everyday! Who has got the time.

Back to home after a tired day,we grab some food,switch over channels and social media.

Sometimes we never knew when we slept.

Do you know sleep deprivation is a serious disorder and how many times you have woken tired or how many times you would have hit the snooze while getting up in the morning !


Well being a Men or Women you need to take care of yourself.

Here are few things I would suggest in order to have a great sleep and a healthy lifestyle.

When does your nightly routine actually starts ?

It is after you had your dinner.

Here is the Routine


First and foremost is brushing your teeth(It’s not gross ! most people don’t at night). Flossing it too !


Optional : If you feel like you need a bath go ahead else change to a comfortable cloth.


If you are a person who wears makeup and even if you had removed it way before ! Just make sure you clear your eyes of those amazing makeup using a makeup remover or I would suggest a coconut oil or baby oil or even Olive oil.

Remove makeup(even wearing just the moisturizing cream for long time is not good ! You have to get it removed before it clogs your pore)


For many a time me myself being a oil skinned person ran away from oil, but you know what it is seriously wonderful. Try it. Gently apply it around the eyes .

Other areas of face is also good. Using cotton remove it. Wash your face with lukewarm water and tap it dry.

Apply night cream or any light moisturiser before you sleep. I have been using it for a while and find a huge difference in the morning ! I end up getting less oily and more fresh.


It’s once again optional , be mindful to use a light natural toner ! I would suggest rose water which is quite easily available at markets.


Apply eye cream around your eyes. Many think it is too soon to invest in eye cream but trust me we never take care of our eye.It is the place where once gets aged quickly and once you are tired it is your eyes which reflect it. So please take care.

If you happen to wear contacts, remove them give them a nice soak in the solution. Also give your eyes some rest.



Before you get into bed, get your feet moisturized too ! normal feet cream or even the Boroline is fine.

If you want you could protect your feet wearing a socks.



All before you do all these get yourself off the gadgets.No phone,no laptop.If needed get yourself to read something. Make use of your old diaries and planners to write a journal or plan the next day.

Studies say people who write a gratitude journal find a huge difference in the way they see the life.(Yes it worked for me).


That’s not all there is another post coming up on BEAUTY SLEEP tomorrow !

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