Ideas to dress up your Baby Bump in Style : Maternity Wardrobe

Amelia Maternity Dress by Tiffany Rose

The journey to motherhood can bring with it various ups and downs. While pregnancy is just the beginning of it, why should one allow it to stop us from dressing up.

It is also the time when your body experiences biological changes and you have to deal with mood swings as well in .

While fashion may not be the answer to your morning sickness, it will definitely lift your spirits high.

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Different styles collated here can help you look and feel your best. After all you will always remain your own best friend!


1) Straight Fit Lace Dress

Lace is gracious and it does make for a gorgeous outfit. Your curves at this point need to be embraced and flaunted as well!

Let the straight cut body hugger accentuate your bump while you look beautiful with the pregnant glow.

Amelia Maternity Dress by Tiffany Rose
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2) Kimono Sleeves

There are myriad of casual yet smart dressing options available for expecting women!

Instead of hiding away behind a kurti, continue to wear your confidence in daily dressing as well.

A nude kimono sleeve top paired with straight pants could just be your answer.Spain_mumabroad

3) Party Wear

Celebrations have to roll in and you cannot say no to parties. Avoid alcohol and unwanted smoke, but do put your style swag on!

A deep coloured empire cut dress that will flaunt your gorgeous legs may just be right for you.

Add some bling with your jewellery and some drama with your sassy gold clutch.

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4) At The Red Carpet

Gowns spell opulence, the right fit and drapes will work the magic for you.

For ceremonial wear opt for a design that hugs you right and has a certain feel good factor about it.

Do ensure the length is just right to not cause any accidents while you walk.

A cut above the ankle is perfect. Pair it with your favourite heels and you are good to go!


5) Monotone love

At most times, you would think of avoiding an outfit that is tight on the chest.

Instead, you can try an empire cut that is structured and hugs you just right.

To add grace, try a monochrome combination with a lighter shade on the top and darker on the bottom.

Follow the same with your make up palette.

6) The Sheath Dress

For your brunch and kitty meets carry yourself with even more confidence.

Wear a gathered sheath dress in a darker shade and pair it with nude pumps.

Scrunch your hair and embrace a berry make up palette and trust us, you are a head turner already!


7) Pyjama comfort

Your yoga sessions and group exercises are just as important to keep the horrid stress away.

When stepping out for your workouts wear something comfortable.

But just remember you don’t have to opt for super loose t-shirts instead choose a gear that is fitted just right.


8) Saree Love

You don’t always have to hide your pride under metres of fabric. A sari can look just as gorgeous provided you pick the right shade and team it with the right pair of accessories.

Hair updo, minimal make up, and an interesting blouse will make for best companions. Just get drapes right to remain hassle free.


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