Making Household Chores more Organised and Easier # 2 Laundry Basket

Laundry ,less or more is unmanageable. We all have a washing machine ,yet why do we end up piling it ?

It is really helpful if some routine is followed. For example you can wash your office clothes on Friday and then press/Iron then on Weekends (Yes most of us do ! ). Ta-Da your weekly dress is ready.

I will share an Sample Schedule with you.

In this template , you end up doing laundry only twice or three times. If at times it can be reduced to one load per week also.

Laundry TIPS:

  1. Don’t do all at one time.
  2. Fold,Iron/Press,discard/upcycle the time it comes out after drying.
  3. Fold your undergarments and socks  and replace properly.
  4. Missing sock don’t worry, keep a separate place you will definitely find its pair.
  5. Don’t let the dry clothes pile on your sofa or bed. Remember “ONLY YOU WILL HAVE TO DO” some other time.
  6. Keep a separate basket or container with your laundry goods.
  7. Need special treatment to cloths, have a separate day.
  8. Remember to remove the excess lints from the washing machine weekly.

Must Do’s:

  1. The blankets,pillowcases has to be replaced every week.
  2. Have a habit of washing the curtains at least one in two months.
  3. If giving clothes to pressed by a vendor then have bag,ask your family members to separately add cloths which they need, so that you don’t end up spending money for those which they don’t need to be pressed.

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Some Cloth Care ! ( Not that you  don’t know ,just a reminder)

  1. Read the instructions in your clothes before putting it in laundry.
  2. It is wise to wash White clothes separately.
  3. If  doubt of the colour , dip in a bucket of water and check it, you will not regret later.
  4. Check the pants for keys and coins.
  5. Close the zipper of the pant ,before laundry.
  6. Some Cloths which you feel might fade can be washed inside-out


You are so screwed and have so much in Laundry .

Spread the cloths out on floor ,take three pairs of undergarments, two or three of office wear ,one night wear

three pairs of socks and then your emergency laundry is done.

You will have three days left to think about the next laundry.

These might be the ones you have already known, but if it helps some clueless soul who is stuck in a huge pile of garments I would be really happy.

Being organised is not a one time job. It takes time but you will definetly enjoy the result of it.

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