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How many of you find it joyful to see you Kitchen sink piled up with dishes, or to find your kids or husband run for a sock which is still in the laundry in morning rush. Do you feel the once organised house is turning to be a mess once again ? Sometimes we would love our guests to be confined to living room itself isn’t it. Ultimately we lose our mind ,find it overwhelming and get stressed Right ? Well then please continue, I have a list of tips which can make you be a little saner.

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About Me:

Well I think about me is little essential here.Here it goes, I have been recently married and it is me and my Husband only at the house. I am not having a regular work now, but Yes I was working before for past four years and I know what work is and how the morning rush is. Most of all I am NOT and ORGANISED person( i.e OCD). Often my table, closet all becomes messy and from there finally at my 26 years I learnt how to be organised after a bitter lesson of clearing the Kitchen Sink which stinked realllllly bad. When started alone it was driving me nuts to find a place of everything and struggled to keep things organised, but now I can proudly say after three months of study on this, I know how it works !


A SMALL RULE:less than 60 second rule


A object or chores which could be done under 60 seconds should have to done immediately. Ok better understanding, if you drink coffee somewhere in your living room watching TV. It takes under 60 seconds to put the empty cup or even wash(I am going to hard on you),fine place it in the Kitchen sink,Right ? It takes less than 60 seconds to pile your day clothes into the laundry bag ! It takes less than 60 seconds to place your shoes in the rack. It takes less than that to fold the papers you read.

A SubRule: Everything has a place 


Every thing inside your house has a place, if you have random stuffs like Spaceships and sonars or don’t know what but I like it , still you have a place called ” Unidentified Objects”. So find /fit and most important remember the place where you place things.


Finding Motivation :

Well this is very very challenging ! When people live with a roomie who doesn’t care how the bed looks, or if you could still find the last week’s pizza box lying around somewhere I sincerely empathise with you .I know how it feels. Try motivating your roomie by clearing your place, still the same don’t worry, else move out if it really bugs  you.

Well what if I live with a person I can’t move out that easily for example ,your Husband,children and even your pet. That case implement the 60 second rule. Encourage them. Don’t do it “This is the last time”. Wait, call them peacefully and in a fun way make them do their work .

At my place,we often mock,criticise and even offend each other ! well we like it though . It was tough in the beginning,we had arguments and cold moments  but make them understand how easy it would be if you just place things in its place under 60 seconds.

Fine ! Now I try to keep things at its place even if I am in a hurry, before we used to miss the first 10 minutes of movie but now it is one time or even we have time to get popcorn and find the seat and be through the commercials while going to a movie.

Last but not the least. “IT WILL BE YOU ONLY YOU ” who will have to do it later ! Remember the worst time you had clear the worst dish out of your sink. Don’t let any moment make you do that. I know if you are reading this you are probably interested to sort the worst chore you have ever done !

Well that is enough for today ! Tomorrow it is about organising Laundry and Kitchen Chores !

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