Makeup for dummies #2: Advanced

Makeup for dummies #1: Basis where enjoyed by all. Now let’s get going for the next level .

Eyeshadows, blush, bronzers, primers and concealers. If you are not sure what these items are then keep reading.


Most of us know it, applied on the lids of our eyes. It either comes in single colours or most commonly in palates.
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Thumb Rule: Always use the lightest colour on your inner corner of eyes and gradually built it up to the outer corner.
Recommended Shade: Brown or Nude palates are ideal for both day and night wear and you can start experimenting with them
Recommended Brand: Ingot is quite famous for its pigmentation and stay.
Points to consider while buying an eyeshadow: Always check the stay of the eyeshadow, eyeshadow will tend to fall off after application. It will ruin the look of your face and make you look oily and ashy


It is used before the foundation to cover up dark spots and dark eyes. Concealers are either in cream or liquid.


Recommended Brand: MAC, check out the CoffeeTableReview for it.
Points to Consider while buying concealer: Once your makeup base is good, any product on top of it is always a bonus. So invest in good quality concealers and foundations. You can cut back that money you spend on lipsticks and eyeshadows for  a good concealer and a foundation.
Always try it on the face and check how the shade looks on you before buying it.

Applied on the apples of the cheek. Blushes are available in cream or powder. various Peachy and rose/pink colour are the shades in which most of the blush are available. A nude or peach colour goes well on Indian Skin tones.
Recommended Brand: Cheeky Glow, Maybelline, shade peach
Points to consider: Blend the blush well into the cheek or you will end up looking like a clown. Use a blush brush and smile while applying the blush.

It is a set base applied on a plain face. Primers are either in Gel or cream. Primers give the skin a uniform surface, and it will make the application of concealers or foundations easier. Also, Primers are used to avoid the makeup from melting away. Primers are much advanced and usually used for either occasional or photographic purpose.


Recommended Brand: Colourbar and L’oreal come with good quality primers.
Points to consider: Use a gel primer if your skin tone is oily.


Generally used to give a natural colour to the skin. Bronzers are one shade darker than the skin tone. Used by many to fake sun tan and also for contouring( a technique that makes your face appear slimmer and enhance features). Generally it is used for photo shoots and rarely on a day to day basis. ( I will explain this contouring in detail on the next post of Makeup for dummies # 3: Tools and techniques)


ThumbRule: Suck in your cheeks for applying bronzer.Applied on focal points like forehead, jawline, collarbone for the deep-set look. A Bronzer looks nice and gives a natural glow while you are in the sun.
Recommended brand: Lakme Absolute Sun Kissed.

Points to consider: While using the bronzer don’t get too excited, use it as per the technique or don’t use it at all.

Illuminator or Highlighter:

This is used to give a dewy or shiny finish to certain area of your face. Like your cheekbone, cupid(area between the nose and lips), forehead. It kind of gives a natural glow and shine to the face, so that you won’t look caked up with foundation.
Generally mixed up with moisturisers and can been even worn without foundations or concealers for that natural glow.


Don’t forget to read Makeup for Dummies#1: Basics, also do check out our regular Makeup Product of the day section in which we write in detail about each product and every possible makeup brand. Also Stay tuned for the next and the last post of the series Makeup for Dummies #3: Tools and Techniques

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