Life lesson

Life lesson is something we get as we get matured.

 When someone asked me what life is I just remembered my friend’s status

                     ” Stop Existing, Start Living ! ” 

So true isn’t it ? How many of us do actually LIVE. We sometimes just exist. 

Go to work, do something,crib about the workplace, parent,children, the food , World Economy, the political system the list goes on…

Just try to remember the last time you felt contented, happy and complete. Take few minutes ,still did get the bells ringing .. ! Then my friend who is we tend to blame, GOD or the rest of the cribbing . 

Life is so simple we simply make it complicated. It’s your life and you have all the rights to screw it, of course be mindful not to screw some else life.

We complicate our lives with commitments,goals,deadlines, money and love. Nope you didn’t read it wrong Love also plays its very own part. So does that mean do none of these stay where you are and be happy, then again it’s a big NO.

So what is it. Its Simple do what you feel like doing, don’t do what you have to do ,just do what you like to do. Life becomes less complicated right?  but not all of us do that way. Its the peer pressure, your neighbour pressure , parent pressure for a change why don’t we handle “<your very own name> “pressure, that’s not that difficult has rest. 

Want to scream at your boss , do it ! ( You will get another job ,don’t worry) . Want to speak to your crush , do it and stop stalking around .

Don’t want to work ,then don’t quit and do something you always wanted ,do something you like. 

Feel bloated and heavy, Stop staring at your tummy and hit the gym now.Feel like taking a break ,take it. That’s all is life seems to be simple when its penned down actually its much more simpler when its done. 

We are not getting younger any day . Ya today you might feel ‘miserable’ who knows tomorrow you might feel ‘more miserable’ . Why wait for the perfect(never coming day).Learn to enjoy the when is it just ‘miserable’ and when you are younger than tomorrow. 

Get yourself spoiled, let go of your guilt ,roll down on the mud but remember to get up . Dust your back walk forward, got time then turn back smile at the good ones , laugh out loud at the bad ones cause you have passed them. Look ahead for the pitfalls and the roller coasters but never let your back get stabbed by your past. 

It is your life and no one except YOU have the right to screw it. Accept the changes around you, let go of the past and start LIVING(stop existing).

life lesson

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