Lamb On Skewers – Christmas Special Recipes

Lamb On Skewers

Christmas is a season of food and love, this holiday season, why not try Lamb Skewers.


 Lamb(chunks)    150gms(IMPORTED)OR Baby Lamb

Onion                     01 nos

Red Capsicum       01 Nos

Yellow Capsicum  01 Nos

Green Capsicum    01 Nos

Spaghetti                 150gms

Satay Stick               02 Nos

Worcestershire Sauce 01 Tbs

Oregano                  05Gms

Chopped Garlic    15gms

Butter                       20gms

Seasoning (ie) salt n pepper As Per Taste


  • Cut The Above Vegetables In Chunk and Keep Aside
  • Boil Water and Al dente(boil) the Spaghetti and Keep Aside
  • Cook The Chunks Of Lamb On low flame, Add water and seasonings and get it cooked
  • Marinate The Lamb and Chunk Veg( ie Bell peppers and Onions) with Worcestershire sauce and put them on a griller. Increase the flame so that its gets a good smoky flavor. Remove the platter and keep aside
  • Take Satay Stick Arrange The Lamb and Veggies On A Satay Stick Keep Under Warmer
  • Take Olive Oil Add Garlic N Sauté It Add The  Blanch Spaghetti N Toss It With Oregano and Seasoning
  • Arrange The Spaghetti On A Plate and Put The Lamb Skewers Over The Spaghetti and Pour Barbeque Sauce On The Skewers
  • Garnish With Chopped Parsley and Serve Hot



This recipe was shared by an representative of Executive Chef Pawan Kumar Lal, The Resort.The Resort, 4-luxury beach property located in Madh-Marve Malad, Mumbai .

*photos and recipe courtesy – The Resort, Mumbai
#republished with few modification

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